Adam Strong – Strong in Ethics – Big in Heart

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adamAdam Strong, There’s enough good to say about him that I could write a book. Of course he meets all my main criteria outlined in my first “A” List post.  All that and more!

I first met Adam way back in 1999 in either the Great Domains chat or Afternic chat. I can’t recall which one. We were both members of Ricks forum until 2007 when I opened my own. He is a well respected and active member of my forum to this day.

Even as a young man in his twenties, you could tell Adam was going places. He was always polite and friendly. He stayed out of the drama and built relationships that last to this day. He stayed focused.

Adam has been one of my “Go To” people and I have had occasion to be his :) Whether it be personal or business, your conversation goes into the vault of his mind and never comes out.

I tried to lay out Adams history here myself and realized that his story is so awe inspiring and inspirational that I needed his help to do it justice.  He’s a very humble man and rarely speaks of himself so I am honored to introduce to you my friend and colleague, Adam Strong, as told in his own words: Continue reading →

Improvement Through Positive Reinforcement

Great Job Words Praising a Successful Goal Accomplished

Improvement Through Positive Reinforcement

 If you think about all the classrooms that you have experienced in your life and all the teachers that you have had, there are surely some that stand out to you. Picture the teachers you had that made a positive influence in your life, and then think about the ones that you couldn’t stand. When asked about the qualities of the teachers that made a positive impression on students, the response is often that the teacher frequently encouraged them by providing them with positive encouragement. You will also find that many of the teachers who students hate are the ones who publicly embarrass them in front of the class as a punishment. Adults in the business world are no different. Nobody wants to be on the receiving end of constant negativity. And more important, nobody wants to be around constant negativity. The only people who enjoy the company of bullies are other bullies. Here’s how to use positive reinforcement to increase the happiness and productivity of your colleagues. Continue reading →

Should You Use a Broker or a Brokerage House?

Buy Or Sell

The most often asked question I get in recent years is: Where is the best place to sell my domains? It’s also the question I most hate to be asked because the answer is different for each person and each domain and each portfolio.

To give my best answer, I’d have to pretty much appraise the domain and/or portfolio and that’s a place I don’t want to go. In rare cases you could pay renewals and never make a dime or get any offers and I’ll say your asking price is a dream, not reality. Then along comes a big company and sees it as brandable and offers some folding money. Waiting for that, in my opinion, is still a dream not a reality.

I don’t carry a huge portfolio to flip anymore so my sales leads are generally inbound inquiries that I hand off to a private broker.  A broker or a brokerage house? Here’s my POV. Continue reading →

The Dynamic Duo – The Gilberts

c and b

We all know how important building relationships and networking is in business and life. One of the first things that catches my eye when building my personal circle is if a person comes from a place of positive energy. Do they have a “pay it forward” mentality is up there on the list too! Via social networking you get to see how people interact with others and I pay attention to posts and comments. I love to surround myself with people who are abundant in the skills I lack – which are many :) – and more important are willing to share them! I love people who want to pass a smile along to others. I love people I can trust and who I can count on to have my back. People with manners are sadly difficult to find so they are considered gems to me. Kindhearted is a big check mark too. Understanding that animals are people too is a must.

Life has taught me not to negotiate on the traits I value when I call a person “friend” and I thought it would be fun to share some of the folks on my “A” list. So here is the first of many to come as time allows.

Two years ago I was blessed with what’s darned near a miracle! I found TWO! A couple! A matched set! A pair!

Meet my friends, Charlotte (Charlie) Gilbert and Brian Gilbert. A true Dynamic Duo. A force to be reckoned with. Even their own bios don’t do them justice. They meet all my personal criteria and more and their skills and histories leave me in awe of how lucky I am to have them in my life. Continue reading →

Discovery of Type In Domains and Domain Tasting

Egyptian Eye of Horus

Although I wasn’t one of the earliest to enter domaining, I have been here since 1999.

I have to smile a little when I hear of people claiming they “discovered” type ins. Exact match domains. Direct Navigation.

The industry was much different back then. There were very few ways to monetize domains. Parking had yet to be born. Even Commission Junction was still in it’s infancy. Link Share was a couple years old but it was difficult to get accepted into programs without a website. Some of us would just build banner farms. I was one of the banner farm or enter button people and my web dev skills haven’t grown much since then! Continue reading →