Discovery of Type In Domains and Domain Tasting

Egyptian Eye of Horus

Although I wasn’t one of the earliest to enter domaining, I have been here since 1999.

I have to smile a little when I hear of people claiming they “discovered” type ins. Exact match domains. Direct Navigation.

The industry was much different back then. There were very few ways to monetize domains. Parking had yet to be born. Even Commission Junction was still in it’s infancy. Link Share was a couple years old but it was difficult to get accepted into programs without a website. Some of us would just build banner farms. I was one of the banner farm or enter button people and my web dev skills haven’t grown much since then! Continue reading →

How to get Unfriended, Unfollowed, Blocked or Banished to VoiceMail

Nice troll

How to get Unfriended, Unfollowed, Blocked or Banished to VoiceMail…by me at least.

Let’s start with the telephone. Of the two choices, answer or not answer, I most often opt to not answer. I don’t carry my phone from place to place with me at home. I don’t see YOUR name and decide not to answer. It’s much simpler than that. I don’t always look to see who is calling. I don’t even always look to see if I have messages. I could make a long list of reasons why I don’t answer the phone but let’s just go with..because I don’t want to answer.

I DO have a VERY short list of people who I always answer if I do see their names. My sons and two of my friends. That’s it.  I do have a slightly longer list of people I almost always answer. When I am not home, unless I have reason to believe a call is coming in that I must take, I NEVER even have my ringer on. As old as I am, most of my years I was unreachable if I was away from home since there weren’t always cell phones. To the best of my knowledge, nobody ever died or suffered severe consequences because I was unreachable for long periods of time during all those years. Continue reading →

Improve Your Social Media Following

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Improve Your Social Media Following

For most small businesses, lead generation is the ultimate reward of generating and maintaining a strong social media presence. But, in order to get the most out of social media and turn it into a lead generating machine, you’ll need to produce a relevant following including followers on your Twitter account, fans on your Facebook page as well as your LinkedIn business page, etc.

The more followers and fans you gain regarding your social media presence, the better and stronger reach you’ll eventually have. And, a better reach means the likelihood of generating more leads. Here are a few guaranteed ways to improve your social media following to help you get started.

How to Attract More Followers and Fans on Social Media Continue reading →

Tags in Your Blog Post

Blogging Words

I’ve been trying to catch up on my blogging now that all my other projects, Domainer’s Choice Awards and DBRFunFest are behind me for a little while. This is what I’ll be working on today.

Tags for Your Blog Post
Every blogger should learn the importance of using tags in their blog posts. Tags provide readers with an easy way to sort through your blog and find a specific topic. They serve as an index for readers to refer to. By tagging all of your posts, readers can easily see topics that you cover. More importantly, if a reader is interested in a certain topic, they can click on that tag and every blog post you have written on that subject will be shown. Most readers are not interested in every single blog post you have written and would prefer to find the information they are seeking. Tags provide an easy way for readers to navigate your blog and keep them coming back for more information. Continue reading →

New Domain Registration Scams

Scam Alert

I’ve not only been getting the sms spam when I register a new domain but this this latest email scam is really annoying. The way it’s written, a new registrant might think “registering” with the search engines is part of completing  the process. This is the latest one I received this morning. I have not clicked the links and have removed them from this post. Here is the email: Continue reading →