Hat’s Off to Rick Schwartz and T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Miami 2014

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Rick, we go back a long, long ways. We’ve weathered a lot of storms together, you and I..including one true hurricane! You said it best when you said we’ve had a love hate relationship but the love part is much better and for that reason I chose not to join in the roast but man could I have done it up :)  I’d like to thank you for all that T.R.A.F.F.I.C. has given to the industry.

There isn’t a person in the industry who hasn’t benefited from all the hard work you and your team have done over the years.

Those who love you and those who don’t. Those who have attended T.R.A.F.F.I.C. and those who haven’t. Everyone is a winner.

I wish you the best in whatever comes next in your journey. May another Monday never pass without the MORONS GETTING IT!  Thank you, Rick!

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Domains Taken Away by Sealed Court Order – Get Yours Back


It was reported on Mike Berkens blog that more than 5k domains were taken away by a sealed court order. That number later increased to approximately 9k when Phil of Whoisology investigated further. If some of Berkens domains weren’t taken, this whole thing might have flown under the radar. There have been some domains taken in error and the 3 of Mikes were among them. I haven’t seen either an official notice of the domain seizure or the remedy if yours was one taken in error. Thanks to TheDomains.com we do have the information. Thank you, Mike. Continue reading →

United States Trademark Law and Domains

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The number of domain names on the internet is approaching 300 million. They’re registered with hundreds of domain registrars. Timeliness of a domain registration is important. The person who registers a domain name first obtains certain rights, so long as the domain was registered in good faith.Registering a domain with a registrar doesn’t make it a trademark. A trademark is a sign, symbol, name or any combination of the two that’s used in the course of commerce to distinguish one product or service from others. It’s also called a brand. By registering that mark or brand, the owner can restrict its name or logo from being used by somebody else. Both trademark owners and consumers benefit from trademark laws. They protect the trademark owner from having their product confused with another similar product, while also protecting the consumer from purchasing lower quality goods or services by mistake.

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RookMedia.net – DomainSponsor.com


It will come as no surprise to most of you that my first “A” list company is RookMedia.net. They may seem like the new kids on the block but they are far from it. From their website:

Rook Media is a collection of some of the most experienced domain monetization specialists in the industry coming together with one purpose: to make its customers more money.

With over 55 years of combined experience in the management and sales level of 4 different domain monetization providers, there’s no team in the industry that knows more about making money with domains.

While Rook was founded in 2011, the team already started forming years ago. Most everyone met in 2005 while working at a small internet startup called Sedo. The team left in 2006 to help found NameDrive. You’d think two parking companies in one lifetime would be enough, but you’d be wrong.

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Adam Strong – Strong in Ethics – Big in Heart

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adamAdam Strong, There’s enough good to say about him that I could write a book. Of course he meets all my main criteria outlined in my first “A” List post.  All that and more!

I first met Adam way back in 1999 in either the Great Domains chat or Afternic chat. I can’t recall which one. We were both members of Ricks forum until 2007 when I opened my own. He is a well respected and active member of my forum to this day.

Even as a young man in his twenties, you could tell Adam was going places. He was always polite and friendly. He stayed out of the drama and built relationships that last to this day. He stayed focused.

Adam has been one of my “Go To” people and I have had occasion to be his :) Whether it be personal or business, your conversation goes into the vault of his mind and never comes out.

I tried to lay out Adams history here myself and realized that his story is so awe inspiring and inspirational that I needed his help to do it justice.  He’s a very humble man and rarely speaks of himself so I am honored to introduce to you my friend and colleague, Adam Strong, as told in his own words: Continue reading →