The Cloud: Created From Technical Magic And Innovation

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The Cloud: Created From Technical Magic And Innovation

Businesses and individuals continue to talk about “The Cloud” these days. Unfortunately, the average user doesn’t know much about this mysterious cloud. Everything found on the Internet could be considered part of The Cloud in a general sense. Cloud hosting and cloud storage take on much narrower definitions, though. In the past few years, companies have been pushing these concepts onto other businesses and even consumers. General Internet users are often least informed on such topics.

Here’s a general overview of The Cloud and related concepts: Continue reading →

WordPress Plug-ins and Widgets


WordPress Plug-ins and Widgets

WordPress is the most widely-used content management system (CMS) available powering millions of websites around the world. From ecommerce to informational to even the government websites, WordPress has extensive capabilities and unique functionality. To achieve this type of differentiation, WordPress utilizes plug-ins and widgets. The days of extensive coding to achieve a desired effect are long gone. Now, the process is as simple as downloading and installing the plug-in and widget to your website database.


Plug-ins are small fragments of software that can be installed onto a WordPress-powered website that extends the sites functionality. There are an endless number of plug-ins available in free and premium versions that can be downloaded from Plug-in Directory. The difference between purchasing a plug-in and simply downloading one for free is available support. Paid plug-ins usually offer an around-the-clock team of support specialists and developers who maintain security and fix compatibility issues with the most recent version of WordPress and other themes or plug-ins. Usually these bits of software play nice with other types of software but occasionally the coding will conflict resulting in compatibility problems. With a paid version, it is nice to know that support is available.


Widgets are standalone blocks of code that perform a specific function on your website. For example, a widget may update news as it is available or provide weather information. Widgets can be added to sidebars and other widget-ready sections of your web page which include headers, footers, below content and the sidebar. Widgets were developed to deliver an easy method of providing structure and design control to the developer. The majority of WordPress themes are widget ready and boast multiple areas of placement.

There are a variety of widget types that can be downloaded and installed. WordPress is packaged with several types such as calendar, categories, navigation menu, recent posts, search and tag cloud. Simply dragging the recent posts default widget into the area, the website will contain a list of the most recent posts. In many instances, plug-ins add their own widgets to provide more control to the user over the display of that plug-in. Continue reading →

Antitrust Laws Are Designed To Promote Fair Competition

AntiTrust Lawsuit Abuse

Antitrust Laws Are Designed To Promote Fair Competition
Antitrust laws are how competition in the business world is regulated. These laws are often misunderstood and commonly used as part of strategic planning by large corporations. Using antitrust laws as part of a design for business growth has gotten little interest from researchers in business strategies. A business needs to prepare for its rival’s antitrust strategy. The government also files a number of antitrust lawsuits against companies. The exploitation of antitrust law is happening more often in the corporate business environment. Continue reading →

This Domain Has Great Traffic … or does it?

How Good Is Your Domain Thermometer Rating Website Name

Analyzing Website Traffic and Optimizing Domain Name Purchases

Legitimate traffic is vital to domain owners. This is why it is crucial to research a domain name before buying it from someone who has already had it in use. It might be a poor decision to buy a domain name, for example, if previous registrants generated fake traffic or used it for disreputable purposes. Either type of activity would mean the domain has not been attracting users that could be converted to customers, and it might be tedious to correct a negative reputation if the domain has earned one.

That makes it important to research the reputation of a domain when it has been previously registered to another party. If you are the current registrant, you must be sure to protect the reputation of your domain name. Both of these tasks mean analyzing domain traffic and history. Some of the tools for researching previously registered domain names are the same tools you can use for managing your existing domains, but some additional resources specific to each purpose are also helpful. Continue reading →

Hat’s Off to Rick Schwartz and T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Miami 2014

Rick, we go back a long, long ways. We’ve weathered a lot of storms together, you and I..including one true hurricane! You said it best when you said we’ve had a love hate relationship but the love part is much better and for that reason I chose not to join in the roast but man could I have done it up :)  I’d like to thank you for all that T.R.A.F.F.I.C. has given to the industry.

There isn’t a person in the industry who hasn’t benefited from all the hard work you and your team have done over the years.

Those who love you and those who don’t. Those who have attended T.R.A.F.F.I.C. and those who haven’t. Everyone is a winner.

I wish you the best in whatever comes next in your journey. May another Monday never pass without the MORONS GETTING IT!  Thank you, Rick!

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