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I Finally Did It


So I thought I’d never blog and here I am! Never say never!

“What will Donna’s Blog be about?” you ask.

Well, I’m neither a visionary or a historian so I won’t be telling you what will succeed and what will fail.

I have no legal expertise so UDRP’s etc will be left up to the pros who are doing a great job of it just as it is.

Although I have a very nice “How To” section, I’m not here to be an educator either. Maybe you’ll write a great “how to” and I’ll add it to the list!

The industry news is well covered on many blogs..There won’t be much use for the word “BREAKING” here on Donna’s Blog!.

So what can you expect to find when you come to The one thing I am uniquely able to bring to the blogosphere – my own point of view on all of the above! I hope you’ll stop by often and share your point of view also!

social media and blogging

Social Media and Blogging


Social networking now has an essential role in Internet marketing and business promotions. Offline forms of advertising and marketing are no longer enough to draw in a solid customer base and sustain the public’s interest in a company over the long term. The most popular social sites have millions of registered users posting and sharing topics that are important to them. This user-generated content can be a powerful marketing tool for business owners who want to find out what’s important to their core customer base.

Domain Scams


In an increasingly connected environment, the impact of your digital presence contributes to the strength and growth potential of your brand. As a business identifier, your domain name is an important part of your brand and forms part of your intellectual property. Domain scams, such as reverse hijacking, have proliferated because businesses attach a financial value to their domain names.

Who Blogs Anymore?

Who Blogs?


What is a Blog?

Blogs, also known as web logs, are websites that publish information about a particular topic or area of interest. The blogosphere refers to the entire blogging community, which continues to grow everyday. Some bloggers use websites to share personal journals. Many other websites focus on political topics or current events, and some blogs offer an alternative to traditional journalism websites. Many authors are experts in a particular field, and their websites are used to post information or publish guides.