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idle chatter

Idle Chatter


Well, the nominations for Domainer’s Choice Awards have been announced. I’ve really enjoyed reading the various blogs and comments. I though I’d comment a little bit here.

Some people thought it was “same old, same old” or were pleasantly surprised to see some new names emerging. The very first thing I have to say here is that when you say the names are the same, they can’t be the same as Domainer’s Choice Awards. We haven’t presented since 2008. So who are the names the same as? Off the top of my head I can only think of TRAFFIC awards (Rick Schwartz and Howard Neu). Domain Name Wire did a survey type for awhile too. (I miss that ) Others have come and gone.

TRAFFIC and Domainer’s Choice Awards are totally different programs. If the nominees or winners are the same..I guess the industry believes in their choices. As far as the new faces showing up in the DCA  nominees. Well, the industry is growing. New people coming in. New programs growing, improving and gaining popularity.

Domainer's Choice Awards

Why Domainer’s Choice Awards


Less than 48 hours to place your nominations! Only those registered in the nomination phase will be able to vote in the finals!  If there is a category you choose not to nominate in, just write in n/a.  Why bother? Well….

Awards stimulate competitiveness. Striving to show the industry that your peers have chosen you or your company as “the best” enhances performance all the way from the corporate boardroom to the front lines.

Public recognition in the way of awards is one way to inspire people and companies to work harder. It creates competition. It says “Thank you”

I have loved this industry since I first got into it back in to 90’s and have always done my best to be a good representative and give back to the community that has been so good to me. I want to say “Thank You” to the best of the best. I want to let them know that collectively, we as a community appreciate them. I want this to happen in an atmosphere of trust that you, the members of the community  are making the decisions. You had input into the categories you wanted. You get to choose the finalists by nominating and those nominations are carefully screened for cheaters. You get to have the final say in who is the Best of the Best.

gTLD Boredom


Sorry for yawning in your face but gTLD must stand for got To Lay Down and sleep from boredom. I was not interested in owning any of these “New G’s” but I thought the game was going to be exciting to watch. No way. I can understand the technical problems. My interest in even watching is gone. It’s no fun to follow who gets the left overs with all the good stuff held back for a variety of reasons.


Domainer’s Choice Awards Warns a Cheater


Through out the years I have been asked repeatedly to bring back The Domainer’s Choice Awards. People and companies who work hard for us want the little time in the spotlight. They want to know that their efforts to be the best are noticed and appreciated. But at least one company doesn’t care if you get the recognition you deserve. They don’t care that you work hard to be the best. They somehow think that having enough employees to put up nominations is what the game is about.

Building Domainers Choice Awards

Building Domainer’s Choice Awards


Well, the nomination phase of Domainer’s Choice Awards is now open. I thought I’d ramble on a bit about what it took to get it this far.

First a little history behind the birth of “the Awards”. I’m a firm believer in positive reinforcement and competition. Those are two of the ingredients in the recipe for improvement. I think public accolades in the form of awards achieves this nicely. And they’re FUN!

In 2008 I presented the first Domainer’s Choice Awards at It was a huge success as documented by DNJournal You can see the winners here was a wonderful host for the awards. They gave me their final dinner event to present. They sponsored by supplying the dinner, the room, a booth at Domainfest and all the many expensive charges that are involved in using hotel event space. During the planning, they only asked questions as needed to fit the awards into their conference. They would have been happy to host the awards in the future but after some thought, I realized it would soon become the DomainFest awards. I didn’t want the awards to be swallowed up by a bigger event. They were named Domainer’s Choice Awards for a reason. In order for it to be what I wanted it to be, it had to stand alone and be independent. It may run along side of a different event in the future but always as an independent program.  Life got in the way of that happening until now!

I never stopped thinking about bringing the awards back bigger and better. I’ve watched all of the awards that have happened between 2008 and now and know the pitfalls. I know the cheats. I know what erodes confidence in the process and thus casts a shadow on the winners.

I wanted to use a third party voting system for both phases of the voting but after talking to many experts in voting, I was convinced that the first phase, the nominations, need to be done in house and moderated. The website announces two disclaimers:

Frank Schilling

Frank Schilling – The Target of the Day


This post has nothing to do with new gTLDs. It has nothing directly to do with Frank Schilling.

What it is about is people. It’s about our industry. It’s about how we so easily give people big titles – visionary, game changer. It’s about the long list of righteous titles people have self proclaimed and we have accepted.

I haven’t seen a single visionary amongst the domainer community. Not a game changer in the bunch. If in 1970 you foresaw the internet opening up for commerce and prepared for that could be a visionary. If you noticed early on that there were things happening in this interweb thing, jumped on and did well, that makes you an entrepreneur not a visionary. If you saw something being done and did it better, that’s not a game changer, that’s an improvement.

We applaud and cheer and draw attention to and even fill the wallets of members of our community that actually should be kept behind closed doors so the mainstream world doesn’t see them as representative of us. Just because they are loud, vulgar, and scream about the wrong doings of other people doesn’t mean their own house is clean, but nobody looks at that. Even if you point out the hypocrisy in these loud vulgar rants, there’s always the group that worships a person who is big and bold with total disregard for the what the message is. That’s like going into a bar at 2:00 am and taking the loud mouth drunk who is ranting at the politician on the tv screen and electing him mayor! Of your town!!

A true domainer has entrepreneurial blood in their veins. Entrepreneurs cannot be fans or followers as it’s against the nature of the beast. Hobbyists and wannabees are fans and followers and some will mature into domainers, others will go broke being groupies following a false idol.