Building Domainer’s Choice Awards

Building Domainers Choice Awards

Well, the nomination phase of Domainer’s Choice Awards is now open. I thought I’d ramble on a bit about what it took to get it this far.

First a little history behind the birth of “the Awards”. I’m a firm believer in positive reinforcement and competition. Those are two of the ingredients in the recipe for improvement. I think public accolades in the form of awards achieves this nicely. And they’re FUN!

In 2008 I presented the first Domainer’s Choice Awards at It was a huge success as documented by DNJournal You can see the winners here was a wonderful host for the awards. They gave me their final dinner event to present. They sponsored by supplying the dinner, the room, a booth at Domainfest and all the many expensive charges that are involved in using hotel event space. During the planning, they only asked questions as needed to fit the awards into their conference. They would have been happy to host the awards in the future but after some thought, I realized it would soon become the DomainFest awards. I didn’t want the awards to be swallowed up by a bigger event. They were named Domainer’s Choice Awards for a reason. In order for it to be what I wanted it to be, it had to stand alone and be independent. It may run along side of a different event in the future but always as an independent program.  Life got in the way of that happening until now!

I never stopped thinking about bringing the awards back bigger and better. I’ve watched all of the awards that have happened between 2008 and now and know the pitfalls. I know the cheats. I know what erodes confidence in the process and thus casts a shadow on the winners.

I wanted to use a third party voting system for both phases of the voting but after talking to many experts in voting, I was convinced that the first phase, the nominations, need to be done in house and moderated. The website announces two disclaimers:

Domainer’s Choice Awards strives to honor the people who perform with stellar service for their clients and the industry. We welcome, and in fact encourage, campaigning  to your clients but not to a random mailing list. We reserve the right to disqualify, at our own discretion and without notification, any nominee who appears to be the recipient of bot sign ups, company mandated voting or any sign of ballot stuffing in any manner we deem dishonest or unfair. By placing your nominations, you agree to these terms.

So what does this mean? In the interest of transparency, I’ll give an example. If we get 30 votes from one company..and we have several ways to detect that..and they are all voting for the same person.also at that company, the entire ballot and the nominee will be disqualified. Now wouldn’t be awful if you wasted your chance to vote and ruined the chances of a person who might have won!


To keep the Voting completely transparent, Donna Mahony,,, or will NOT be eligible for nominations. Ms. Mahony and her companies will be out of the race completely.

I like to win as much as the next guy but I won’t be winning a Domainer’s Choice Award. I won’t even get to be a nominee. I won’t count votes for me or any of my companies and declare myself winner but declined. Sorry, those nominations will simply be discarded as they arrive.

So that’s why I chose to do nominations in house. I don’t want any of the above to reach the final voting stage. The three top nominated people or companies then get handed to and Domainer’s Choice Awards is hand off.

I know there are some who might still not have faith in this system. Maybe some will trick us and sneak by. But as far as the integrity of Domainer’s Choice Awards..well, I could have skipped the nomination phase and just picked some people for you to vote for but we put a lot of time and effort into the nomination process so that YOU can choose. I could have done the final voting phase in house but we are going through a large expense of using a third party, again  so YOU can choose.

So there’s a little peek into my mind and the process. When you register to nominate, your email address gets you on the voters list so be sure your voice will be heard. Now go nominate the people who have served you well in the industry! Domainer’s Choice Awards

More insights tomorrow!

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