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Discovery of Type In Domains and Domain Tasting


Although I wasn’t one of the earliest to enter domaining, I have been here since 1999.

I have to smile a little when I hear of people claiming they “discovered” type ins. Exact match domains. Direct Navigation.

The industry was much different back then. There were very few ways to monetize domains. Parking had yet to be born. Even Commission Junction was still in it’s infancy. Link Share was a couple years old but it was difficult to get accepted into programs without a website. Some of us would just build banner farms. I was one of the banner farm or enter button people and my web dev skills haven’t grown much since then!

1st Ever Domain Name Conference! The Reveal! Part 3


And here we are! I hope you have enjoyed the pictorial history in Part 1 and Part 2   But here is the REAL The 1st Domain Name Conference ever! (Courtesy of     It’s fun to look at the list of promoters and speakers. Where are they now? Most notable is Richard Lau of Namescon!

1st Ever Domain Name Conference! Part 2


dean shannonDeanfest..if you attended, you’ll never forget it. If you didn’t, you’ll never stop hearing about it! It wasn’t a conference though. It was a gathering held at  the Beverly Wilshire and sponsored by Dean Shannon (left) of Dark Blue Sea. It was the unveiling of their new product – I don’t think it was dubbed Deanfest til after the gathering though. Most of the attendees were members of Ricks old private forum and though we had spent our days together in Ricks “virtual” living room, most had never met. We all returned so pumped up that all of (Ricks) board members together crowd sourced the first TRAFFIC. Cash, skills, brains, resources..they were all dumped into a pot and out came TRAFFIC. All because we wanted so badly to reproduce the magic of Deanfest!  So now you that Deanfest wasn’t a conference. You know that Ricks board members collectively built the first TRAFFIC. So was TRAFFIC the first domain conference. No! We’ll get to that, but first enjoy some pics from Deanfest. How many of them can you name? Again Courtesy of Marcia Lynn Walker df792 Roy and Scott s2Bucko, Howard, Franky and Steven

1st Ever Domain Name Conference! Part 1


So what was the first domain conference?

Some think that Deanfest in October 2002 was the first domain conference. It was the first time many of us actually met face to face and those of us who were lucky enough to attend still think of it as a  life changing event. We had all “known” each, corresponded via forums, both public and private, and had done business with each other. Very few of us had ever actually met another domainer.

One domainer and very good friend of mine, just wasn’t satisfied with this. Marcia Lynn Walker. So she set out on her own journey around the USA to meet some of her online friends. Here is a little bit of her story just copied in her own words except where noted with (DM).. Notice the use of handles back then..never do that again! Brand yourself! You’re going to love these old pics!

Domain Archaeology – Memoirs of a Domainer


Domain Archaeology – That’s how I like to refer to it when old timers in the industry get together with new(er) people in the industry and talk about the early days of domaining. Bob Olea actually coined the phrase since many of our chats involve me telling all these stories. He said our talks were like a course in Domain here I am today, sharing some of the history from my point of view!