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How to get Unfriended, Unfollowed, Blocked or Banished to VoiceMail


How to get Unfriended, Unfollowed, Blocked or Banished to VoiceMail…by me at least.

Let’s start with the telephone. Of the two choices, answer or not answer, I most often opt to not answer. I don’t carry my phone from place to place with me at home. I don’t see YOUR name and decide not to answer. It’s much simpler than that. I don’t always look to see who is calling. I don’t even always look to see if I have messages. I could make a long list of reasons why I don’t answer the phone but let’s just go with..because I don’t want to answer.

I DO have a VERY short list of people who I always answer if I do see their names. My sons and two of my friends. That’s it.  I do have a slightly longer list of people I almost always answer. When I am not home, unless I have reason to believe a call is coming in that I must take, I NEVER even have my ringer on. As old as I am, most of my years I was unreachable if I was away from home since there weren’t always cell phones. To the best of my knowledge, nobody ever died or suffered severe consequences because I was unreachable for long periods of time during all those years.

Conference Networking – Headhunting – Poaching – Job Hunting?


It seems like after each conference, we see a new round of employee musical chairs. Before you start the bashing..I understand that business is business, but really people!

The job hunters, ok, I get that. You get a pass from me. It’s a great place to look for employment in our industry.

But the headhunting and poaching is another story. I am loyal to a fault. If I’m your friend, I run into the burning house to save you. I just don’t get how so many in this industry jump ship without a thought for others. The poachers baffle me!

Do you think about the time and money invested in you becoming “poachable”? Do you give any thought to the fact that the company you’re being poached from trusted in you. They gave you a chance to become part of their corporate family. They believed in you.