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Domainer's Choice Scholarship Fund

Those are some big words to me. Wherever you go in life you leave your footprint. The domain industry has been such a powerful and positive part of my life that I always hoped I was leaving a trail of powerful and positive footprints behind me.

Many, many of you have been on this exciting journey through domaining with me since 1999. It’s been a long winding and hilly road from Great Domains chat to arrive at the Domainer’s Choice Awards  But that’s not the end of the trail. It’s the beginning! I’ve whispered my dream but hardly dared to speak it aloud. Here it is now officially!!

We are proud to announce that The Domainer’s Choice Awards is not only the first stand alone program to honor our peers through a third party voting service, but it is the main fundraising source for the Domainer’s Choice Scholarship Fund ! Today we received official notice that our non profit status for the scholarship fund was approved! Stay tuned for details.

I owe a million thank you’s to those of you who have helped along the way but most of all I am forever grateful to three people in particular. Lawrence Ng and Ron Sheridan who always had more faith in what I could do than I did! And most of all – Charlotte Gilbert – my good friend, my partner, in this great adventure. I told her my dream and my limitations and she took me by the hand and dragged me over the finish line. Thank you, Charlie, I love you!

So support your industry, help educate our children and grandchildren. Sponsor and attend the Domainer’s Choice Awards presentation event. And most of all. Help each other, be kind to each other, work together and as one of my good friends the right thing!





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