Did They Read My Email?

Did They Read My Email

I NEED to Know if Anyone Opened the Email I Sent?

The Radicati Group reported that more than 1.9 billion people were using email to communicate in 2009. That number has risen significantly over the years, and the growing number has caused hundreds of email service providers to emerge. Businesses, legal organizations, family members and loved ones send electronic mail to each other for a variety of reasons. Such people may use email to:

  • Wish a loved one a happy birthday or happy holiday
  • Collaborate on a project
  • Respond to or request legal information
  • Complete business transactions
  • Engage in everyday conversation

Did They Get the Message?

The sender in any of the previously mentioned situations may need to know if the receiver opened the email and read it. Legal personnel may need to know if someone opened an email to prove that the person received time-sensitive legal documents. Loved ones may want to ensure that their family member is still capable of opening emails. Spouses may want to see if their partners received an electronic apology.

I Want to See if They Opened My Message

Several companies allow email users to check the status of mail items that they send. An email user can break status checking into three categories: native email program features, web tools and third-party applications. Native features are the ones that come in the package with an email service. Web tools are special products that the user does not have to download onto the computer. Third-party applications are programs that can fit into a tablet, computer or cellular phone. A computer user may be able to download browser extensions, as well. The following are several ways that a person can check a sent email to see if anyone opened it:

Checking Status Through Mainstream Providers

Some of the mainstream email account providers (AOL, Netscape and Outlook) allow their users to request mail receipts. Google Gmail users can click on “more options” while they are composing an email, and then they can click “request read receipt” from the drop-down menu in the upper right-hand corner of the page. The service does not work for personal Gmail accounts.

To get a read receipt from an Outlook account, the user can select the “mail” tab from the menu and then place a check in the box for “delivery receipt…” or “read receipt…”

Web Based Tracking Services: GetNotify

GetNotify is among the most popular web-based tracking services. The program is free, and it works with any email service provider. Its basic features are amazing. Users can receive information such as the recipient’s geographical information and IP browser information. The tracker tracks multiple reads, as well, in case someone wants to know if the recipient is obsessing over the content. Another amazing feature that the program has is that it backs up email content for six months in case the sender wants to obsess over the content. Email users can sign up for a free account and start tracking their emails today.

What’s the Point of Mail?

The Pointofmail service is free, and it does not ask for credit card information for a trial. The Pointofmail program has a comprehensive list of phenomenal features that it claims to offer. Users can track the recipient’s email read times and the length of time that such a person read the emails. Business users can view analytics to see how their emails are performing. A person can use the security features if he or she would like to disable forwarding or nix some existing email messages. The “modify” feature is available for people who want to “change mistakes.” Interested parties can sign up free to see how these amazing features work.

Please Tell Me: Did They Read It?

The “Did They Read It?” program is a new creation that works with Windows-based systems and Mac computers. A computer user can sign up easily by visiting the site and answering some questions. The person can start using the service immediately upon registering for it. The free plan allows the person to get read receipt information for 10 messages. The paid accounts start at a little over $8 a month, and they allow 500 + email tracks. CNET users rated the program with an average of three out of five stars.

The concept that some users have a problem with is the way that they have to send their emails. Users must add “didtheyreadit.com” to the “To” line after the recipient’s address. That action frightens some people because they think the sender will see it. Curious visitors can try the program free to see how that concept works.

Cell Phone Apps That Run Track Records

Many people use their mobile phones throughout the day because they are constantly on the move. The Google Play store has a wide variety of applications that users can download if they want to track their sent emails. The Boomerang application is an app that works with Gmail, Outlook and various alternative programs. The Boomerang app has a high star rating because of its smorgasbord of features. Visitors can take advantage of features such as read receipts, click tracking, account specific themes, email signatures, infinite scrolling in the inbox, draft viewing/editing and more. The application is free for Android users who want to try it. Blue Mail and Aqua Mail are examples of similar email applications.

Other Creative Ways to Track Your Emails

Users can track the status of their emails by embedding codes into the messages they send. They can use a tracking code from a site like statcounter and embed that into their messages, or they can embed clickable links.

A person can track his or her emails easily using any of the above-stated strategies. Technology is evolving every day, and additional options will be available to make electronic mail convenient.

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