Discovery of Type In Domains and Domain Tasting


Although I wasn’t one of the earliest to enter domaining, I have been here since 1999.

I have to smile a little when I hear of people claiming they “discovered” type ins. Exact match domains. Direct Navigation.

The industry was much different back then. There were very few ways to monetize domains. Parking had yet to be born. Even Commission Junction was still in it’s infancy. Link Share was a couple years old but it was difficult to get accepted into programs without a website. Some of us would just build banner farms. I was one of the banner farm or enter button people and my web dev skills haven’t grown much since then!

There was one industry that welcomed us. The adult industry was happy to buy our targeted traffic.

After a while you might notice that certain domain names converted better than others. If you paid attention, you would have noticed that, for example, made lots more money in conversions than say Hey!! people were typing in exactly what they wanted to see. Type ins! If you visit the archives of early years at you’ll see some great posting about this.

To make things even easier “back in the day” Network Solutions took forever to get out it’s snail mail bills and generally didn’t do anything at all if you didn’t pay! So, many didn’t pay at all until they saw if the domain converted. This, to me, was the earliest form of tasting.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

“There Is Nothing New Under The Sun Ecclesiastes 1:9


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  1. Ruben says:


    “Some of us would just build banner farms.” Been there! Done that! 🙂

    Gret post!

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