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As a current client of, I got this email last week and I’m really excited about this one! This looks to be just what we need in our industry. The DomainAgents Team provide decades of experience between them with a stellar reputation of honesty and integrity.  Here is the email with all the details!

We’re writing you today because you have registered domain names with DomainAgents.

As you may have seen from our recent newsletters, DomainAgents has released a major update in the past weeks. The last piece is due to be released this coming Monday, June 1st.

The final exciting stage of the release is a domain name Marketplace. The domain names you have uploaded to DomainAgents will be included automatically in the Marketplace unless you click the link below to opt out.

We will be sending a detailed email detailing the full launch this coming Monday, but as a quick preview specific to the Marketplace:

All ‘Make An Offer’ negotiations through the Marketplace will require the buyer to pay $29.95 to make the initial offer, the buyer will also assume all fees as per normal. You will also still be paid $10 just for engaging in negotiation.

With ‘Buy It Now’ sales, the buyer will be required to place a small 2.5% non-refundable deposit up to a maximum of $500 to secure the domain name. The seller assumes the fees when selling with a BIN, which are 10% of the sale, plus fees.

For both, if you send your own buyers via your DomainAgents links, there are incentives. A revenue share for negotiated sales and capped commissions for ‘Buy It Now’ sales. For more details, please log into your DomainAgents account today.

IF you wish to include your domain names in our marketplace, you don’t need to do anything.

IF you would like to exclude your domain names from our marketplace, please click the link below:

I do not wish to include my domain names in the DomainAgents Marketplace.

If you would like to manage your domain names on an individual or portfolio wide basis, please take a moment to visit and log into DomainAgents, look for ‘Marketplace‘ in the top menu, then click ‘Sales Admin.’

We’re excited to have you join us on this journey and think it will be a great opportunity to match your available domain names with our active buyers.

The DomainAgents Team


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