Domainer’s Choice Awards Uses 3rd Party Voting Service

Domainer's Choice Awards

Domainer’s Choice Awards nominations are opening soon! Since the first awards in 2008 we have received dozens of requests to bring the Awards back. And we listened. We listened to what you liked about the Awards. We listened to what you wanted to see in the Awards. We listened to your comments about the strengths and weaknesses in the various other awards in the industry. We listened and we built the new Domainer’s Choice Awards !

We are giving it our best effort to keep these Awards transparent and honest. You will be required to register on the site to place your write in nominations. This gives us a small layer of safety from cheaters but the real need for this is that we are using a third party voting service for the final vote. They REQUIRE a voting list and the email addresses from your registration become that voting list. The company we have chosen is

Two disclaimers on the Domainer’s Choice Awards website:

Domainer’s Choice Awards strives to honor the people who perform with stellar service for their clients and the industry. We welcome, and in fact encourage, campaigning  to your clients but not to a random mailing list. We reserve the right to disqualify, at our own discretion and without notification, any nominee who appears to be the recipient of bot sign ups, company mandated voting or any sign of ballot stuffing in any manner we deem dishonest or unfair.


To keep the Voting completely transparent, Donna Mahony,,, or will NOT be eligible for nominations. Ms. Mahony and her companies will be out of the race completely.


We have a very generous two week voting period both in the nomination phase and the final voting phase. It is our goal to reach out and allow as many domainers the chance to vote as possible.

This is when it gets exciting! For the first time in our industry history the voting for the final winners will be handled by Votenet, a 3rd party voting service!

We take the top three nominees in each category, along with our voters list and hand it all over to Votenet. From this point on until the final voting period closes, we are TOTALLY HANDS OFF!!

VotenetSolutions takes the information and builds and controls our voting platform. When they complete their building process, we vote!

Here again we are giving a generous two week voting period so nobody misses out on getting their vote in!

We are in the process of acquiring a 501c3 for and all funds received beyond operating costs will be used to create and fund the scholarship . More details later.

There are still many sponsorship opportunities available and we’ll be posting them on the site soon.

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