Domainer’s Choice Awards Warns a Cheater


Through out the years I have been asked repeatedly to bring back The Domainer’s Choice Awards. People and companies who work hard for us want the little time in the spotlight. They want to know that their efforts to be the best are noticed and appreciated. But at least one company doesn’t care if you get the recognition you deserve. They don’t care that you work hard to be the best. They somehow think that having enough employees to put up nominations is what the game is about.

This disclaimer is on Domainer’s Choice Awards :

Domainer’s Choice Awards strives to honor the people who perform with stellar service for their clients and the industry. We welcome, and in fact encourage, campaigning  to your clients but not to a random mailing list. We reserve the right to disqualify, at our own discretion and without notification, any nominee who appears to be the recipient of bot sign ups, company mandated voting or any sign of ballot stuffing in any manner we deem dishonest or unfair. By placing your nominations, you agree to these terms.

and this one:

To keep the Voting completely transparent, Donna Mahony,,, or will NOT be eligible for nominations. Ms. Mahony and her companies will be out of the race completely.

If you write in your company name in every category – You might be a cheater!

If the category calls for an individual and you write in your company name – You might be a cheater!

If you don’t have a forum and everyone in your company writes in your company name for “Best Industry Forum” – You might be a cheater!

If every individual you vote for works for your company – You might be a cheater!

If you don’t have a conference and you write in your company name for “Best Industry Conference”You might be a cheater!

I find this personally offensive. I am happy to be back and helping the best of the best, the cream of the crop, get some recognition. I hope that my reputation over the years gives people faith to support us by sponsoring, attending and most of all VOTING in both phases of the election. What a cheater is telling me is that they think one of two things about me. I’m totally stupid and wouldn’t notice or I have no morals or ethics and would turn a blind eye. I also think one of two things about you. If either you or your employees are dishonest in a simple contest, how honest are you in business. Or you have so little faith in yourselves that you feel you need to cheat.

If this continues there will be a biggest cheater award presented with all of the nomination sheets framed and hanging at the event. Although you qualify for almost all of the categories, this is the one you deserve. All of the suspect nominations have been disqualified . The next step is to ban you and your employees from being nominated completely. How sad because you might have won in a couple of categories. How sad for the employee who is devoted and hard working and may have deserved to win!

I get that you are a huge company with several offices around the world so you just might not be aware of what’s happening. Here is your notification! The first notice. The last notice. Words that should never have needed to be said. Shame on you!

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  1. Adam says:

    I can't imagine that you are the only awards/voting/polling/survey that's seen this problem so here's one more : Your awards might be a joke if you allow this abuse.

    (see also :… )

  2. Donna Mahony says:


    If an event can see an email address or an IP or even just pay attention to the foolish answers submitted and match them up, there is no way to miss that it's being gamed. What you do about it will reflect long term on the integrity of the awards. From what Andrew posted about results, I bet his problem was with the same company. Cleaning them out of the results is really the only way to handle it. That way they'll never win any award that matters.

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