Building a Facebook Shop


Building a Facebook Shop
Facebook, the most popular social media outlet, was founded back in early 2004. Back then no one ever envisioned what a profitable platform it would become. Now, with more than a billion users world-wide, Facebook has developed into an essential component of the universal inhabitant’s life.

Commerce & Facebook

The number one factor that businesses must comprehend is: Why are People on Facebook? It’s extremely imperative for businesses to create a business fanpage as opposed to marketing on their personal account. This guarantees that a businesses do not post unsuitable images or post updates that may be seen by general consumers. The business fanpage requires monitoring and management in an effective manner. Businesses need to network, interact and involve their potential audiences.

Facebook stores can reach more customers than typical e-commerce websites. You can access millions of Facebook users discovering your merchandises through the most popular social media outlet- Your Facebook Shop.

A Facebook Shop / Storefront is a like a display case you might see in a retailers store. The showcase displays your business’s products on your Facebook Fanpage, using a custom app that can be installed on the Fanpage Tab. This makes its easier for fans (likers/followers) to browse, share and purchase your products within Facebook environment.

Store owners as yourself can then have the ability to promote to a massive amount of other Facebook users, while never paying hefty expenses of many other e-commerce website fees.

By setting up a Facebook Store, retailers like you can:

• Acquire tons of new sales from fans and even their friends who see your updates
• Involve fans/followers by engaging them directly to your products
• Offer bargains and provide promotional items and deals to your fans
• Provide Incentives, coupons and branding

Set-up a Facebook Store by installing a 3rd party app on your Facebook fanpage. You can google “facebook storefront apps” to get a listing of apps compatible with the Facebook fanpage platform. Furthermore, once installed, you will find the app to be located in the upper right of your fanpage/retail page.

Once the app is installed you can import the products you choose to your Facebook fanpage storefront. The 3rd party app will basically crawl your website or other product sourcing such as Amazon, eBay, etsy, shopify or anywhere that your products are listed and sourced. The 3rd party app will then sync products you have selected and place them on your Facebook fanpage.

If there is no ecommerce site – you’ll be able to import any products by using a CSV file. Imported products are shown in an uncomplicated manner, visually making it easier for your potential buyers to browse and shop.

Your customers will have the capability to swiftly purchase from you in a manageable way.
Merchandising & Like-Gating; some 3rd party apps will permit you to totally customize your storefront. A search engine will crawl through your ecommerce website or location, keeping the fanpage storefront up-to-date at real time synchronizing- E.g. If someone browses your website page and buy the last pair of pink shoes, it will sync the updated inventory with your Facebook fanpage storefront. This will guarantee a level shopping experience for your potential customers with the real-time updates.

Re-arranging your products is easy using your 3rd party app. For example, when using the app you can ‘sign-in’ to your app account and choose which products you want displayed.

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