Buying and Selling Domains on Facebook


Buying and Selling Domains on Facebook

If you are interested in Buying and Selling Domains on Facebook, have come to the right place. Much like investing in real estate and similar to flipping a house, domain name venture can offer a terrific income potential. But also like flipping houses and real estate investments, heavy labor is necessary. However, if you have the required knowledge and willingness to put-forth the effort as well as sweat-equity then buying and selling domains on Facebook can be extremely profitable for you.

How to Sell on Facebook

First, learn how to sell anything on Facebook by following the easy steps below:

Create a Facebook Fanpage and then craft a landing page for your product (Your Domains) on your Facebook page. You can visit Facebook to learn the process for creating the Fanpage.

Using Facebook pages intended for commerce is required by Facebook’s Terms of Service, but moreover provides you supplementary benefits not available with individual profile pages. For example, when using a fanpage you’re able to create a Facebook landing-page app, by adding a custom tab to form a virtual store.

Your Facebook store is customizable to match the look and function you desire to represent your Domain Buying and Selling business. Modify the color scheme, add any logos and alter the fanpage layout of your products to better resemble your website store.

Domain Names

A key component to establishing a value to a domain name is exact-matching to a generic keyword. Researchers suggest that quality domain names such as,, and others are selling for heaps of cash. Although, even if it’s not in your budget to purchase a domain name of that quality there are other great quality basic keyword domain titles and names for a considerable cheaper amount of money. You can then sell them for a bigger return.

Promoting your Domain Name – Facebook Fanpage

Set your fanpage URL inside of your email signature. Just how many emails do you drive-out per day? Now envision each email sent is a possible method for potential consumers, looking for domain names, to find out about your Domain Name Buy and Sell fanpage. Your URL will go with every single email you send. Free publicity!

“Tag” Other High-Traffic Fanpages in your Fanpage Status Updates

When you tag another well-known Facebook fanpage in your status updates, their fans are likely to see your updates and “like” your page. Simply “like” popular fanpages and then when posting status updates “TAG” those pages throughout your post by using the “@” sign right before entering the name of the popular fanpage. You will notice the name of the popular page highlights.

Twitter Followers will Follow

Twitter followers will join your Domain Name Buy and Sell fanpage. Offer persuasive reasons why your followers on Twitter should want to join your Facebook fanpage.

* tweet, “Need more than 140 characters to express your opinion or reviews? Join us on Facebook at” A pleasant and humble question will get a lot of results.

Facebook ads

Invest in Facebook ads is much easier to do than one might think. You can spend very little (or a lot) as you desire, dependent on how much traffic (likes) you want for your Domain Name fanpage.

Customize your Fanpage URL

Example: Vanity URLs can be an excellent method for advertising your product. Make the URL name interesting and eye-catching. You’ll be surprised at the popularity of Vanity URLs and how well they work.

Provide the link on your Personal Facebook Profile

Place the link to your Doman Names Buy and Sell fanpage on your personal Facebook profile page. This is called a “soft sell” and lets your friends and associates as well as their friend passively identify your business and page. Your friends like to snoop and will actually check that portion of your Facebook profile!

Using Escrow to Buy and Sell Domain Names on Facebook

Experts advise that you utilize an Escrow Service to buy and sell domain names, no matter the platform you use to sell it. This provides buyers and sellers a safe house and reliable intermediary for shifting the buying price along with the domain name to complete the sale. The buyer transfers the funds into Escrow Service account and then works with both parties along with their registrars to rapidly and safely handover the domain.

Know the Owner

Identify who the owner or seller of the Domain Name is. Recognize ‘whois‘ records. The whois records offer you a way of contact information for ‘Registrant’. Typically this will be the owner of the domain. Exceptions of the rule is when a domain is held through “holding company” or a legal firm. If you can communicate with the legal firm or holding company, they may well advance the contact information to the real owner. Research, and determine who the owner truly is in comparison to who your buyer/seller is.

Browse the Website

Countless people will not bother browsing the website (likely to label you as an amateur). View the website in your browser and identify what is there.

If there a:

fully developed site

  • no site at all
  • website deprived of significant content, but a clear sales price is located
  • the site is parked
  • the website diverts instantly

Determine the Value

If considering bidding on a domain name you are wanting to sell you own, you need to determine the value of your domain name. Remember that the accurate value of a domain is the amount any buyer is willing to pay for it.


In conclusion, buying or selling is possible on many platforms and definitely on Facebook, the social media capital. Following these guidelines for creating a fanpage as well as using escrow for buy and selling, will improve your experience whether buying or selling a domain name.

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