Domain Names and Hyphens: Good or Bad?



One of the most important decisions a person or company can make is what domain name their website will have. The domain name will be the way that your customers can get to your site, recognize your brand and share what they love about your site with the world. If you end up with a less than memorable domain name, your exposure and your sales can suffer.Are Hyphens Good or Bad?
Whether your business name has a hyphen in it or not, you will have to make a decision about whether to include one in your domain name. Often, businesses will find that the best domain name for their business is already be used and cannot be purchased for themselves. In that case, you will have to come up with alternative names that still describe your business without making the address too long or complicated.When it comes to hyphens, it can help you easily put the keywords that best describe your business right into your domain name. However, this may be the only benefit of a hyphen or two in your domain name.

The downside to sticking hyphens in your domain name is that it can be easily forgotten. If you tell someone your domain name verbally, you may sound funny saying something like “my site is daily dash deals dash today dot com.” Even if you provide a written domain name on fliers and other advertising, the hyphens could get overlooked. This will lead your potential customers to a dead end, or worse–it could lead them straight to the competitor’s website.

Another major problem with domain names that have hyphens is that these sites are more often associated with spam sites. For legitimate businesses, this is a serious roadblock and will lead your website to fall in search engine rankings fast. And as far as SEO goes, those great keywords hyphenated in your domain name will not count towards your SEO rankings.

Without a doubt, avoiding hyphens in your domain name is the way to go. Even if you cannot get the exact domain name you want for your hobby or business, finding a descriptive domain name without a hyphen will make it easy for your customers to find you and help prevent you from slipping in the search engine rankings.


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