Ethical Recruiting at Industry Conferences

Industry Conferences – Opportunity for Ethical Recruiting
Often, industry conferences become a convergence of a host of top level candidates for recruiting. These trade shows are intended to broaden business name, as well as to attract new clients. Today, many industry conferences are often telecast online. These are managed by web hosts in particular industries with access to industry-related contacts. Attendance at offline and online industry conferences bring together conference patrons and sponsors. Generally, these are open to the public. However, specific industries spend time and money to create the most comprehensive lists of program speakers, honored guests and mid to top level executives, managers and supervisors. For the recruitment industry, these conferences can be an opportunity to poach new employees.
Ethical Recruiting at Industry Conferences
The recruitment industry is fragmented by the specialty chosen by the recruitment agencies. For example, technical recruiting, IT recruiting and executive recruiting sometimes referred to as “headhunting.” In executive recruiting, the basic premise is to seek a high level executive from a Fortune 500 company who wishes to fill a position that “may” become vacant at a more lucrative company. One of the most prolific venues for this type of recruitment to fill mid to top level jobs are industry conferences. However, “headhunting” at industry conferences is synonymous with poaching employees, an unethical recruiting practice. Recruiting agencies with stellar reputations avoid this practice.
How to Recruit Ethically at Industry Conferences
The ethical recruiting agency can still attend industry conferences without losing respect among client companies and industry associates. This is accomplished by using subtle means to attract new employees without blatant poaching. When conference displays and programs are highly attractive, the result is a higher level of interest in the recruitment offering. Avoid mass collections of contacts that lower the recruiting standards. Since recruitment commissions are based on job applicants’ salaries, it’s wisest to opt for excellence and quality, rather than quantity and mass marketing to potential job applicants. Maintain integrity and decorum in industry conference programs and conference promotions and displays. This helps advance ethics in recruiting and maintains highest business image.
Domainer Community Recruiting
Overall, the domainer community tends to offer a smaller pool of choice job applicants, since this is mainly based on a limited range of prospects in a specific industry. The other feature of the domainer community is its tight alignment to domain disciplines. When recruiting within the domainer community, it’s important to avoid creating a negative impression of job applicant selectivity. Each domain linked to a specific industry fits into a neat microcosm of specifically related employee skill and talent. The approach here should be to reach out to job applicants predicated upon experience, skill and talent. It’s far easier to identify a new employee in domainer communities when qualifications for a position are readily defined by experience and a proven track record of success. Style of recruitment in domainer communities is the key to ethical recruiting at industry conferences. Emphasize business style that projects a perception of ethics and integrity.
Industry Conferences – An Opportunity to Project the Right Recruiting Style
If industry conferences are approached as an opportunity to enhance ethical recruiting style, the result is greater influence to potential employees and an increase in status among competitors. Ethical recruiting engenders trust from clients and applicants.


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