# Hashtags to Promote Your Business


Hashtag here! Hashtag there! Everywhere you look, you see these things called hashtags (#’s). You have likely come across hashtags on Twitter and hashtags on Facebook. Social media is buzzing with these hashtag messages. What exactly are hashtags? How are hashtags and search engines related? Why is everyone tweeting and messaging with hashtags? How can hashtags and Twitters promote your business? What is the “buzz” all about?

Put simply, hashtags are words or phrases without spaces which are preceded by a hashtag or pound sign symbol (#). The hashtag word or phrase is strategically used to flag messages on a specific topic. If you were to type #businesssuccess, you would instantly receive a set of messages containing the phrase “business success.” You can just imagine the power behind the hashtag! Suppose you used key words or phrases specific to your business preceded by the hashtag, you would instantly have people following your hashtag on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. Basically, your customers will seek you out from your tweeted or posted hashtag messages. Hashtags and search engines based on key word searches are revolutionizing the way businesses advertise and promote their products, services, and upcoming events.

People are now using hashtags and search engines to track certain topics posted to social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Hashtags allow people to search for tweets and messages sharing a common theme or topic. You can see a list of all tweets with the given search term or narrow the list to just your own followers. Hashtags and Twitter are helping businesses build online communities who share interest in their products and services. Businesses can specifically target certain audience groups with hashtags. Business brands can be promoted and increase website traffic and activity. When you tweet a hashtag with your company’s brand or name, you are adding your business brand to the hashtag market. The cost to promote your business with hashtag tweets is free!

Twitter has been up and running more successfully and longer with hashtags than Facebook has. Hashtags and Facebook is a more recent phenomenon. Facebook has newly added the feature and has not hashtags and Facebook available to all of its members yet. Followers find it easier to search tweets by hashtags on Twitter than by hashtags on Facebook. Soon enough, Facebook will improve their hashtag market. If you are just starting out and want to bring visibility to your business and build your online audience, then start with Twitter hashtag tweets.

Are you ready to give hashtags and Twitter a try? An easy strategy for creating key word or phrase hashtags is to think of one or two words which best describe your topic or business. Ideally your hashtags should match key words used to link people to your business site. When possible, it is best to keep hashtags simple and preferably to single words. Check out the way others choose their words to create hashtags on Twitter and hashtags on Facebook and follow their model. Perform some hashtag engine searches of your own to see which types of hashtags tweets are most popular and have the greatest following.

Once you share your hashtag on Twitter or on Facebook, you are inviting a host of followers to join in your conversation on the products and services your business brand offers. Make your topics top conversation pieces and watch both your audience and business grow!


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