How to Register a Domain Name

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For those who are looking to establish a strong online presence, a domain name is a necessity. By registering a domain name, a much higher level of website credibility and control is established, making it a fantastic choice for anyone who is conducting business or simply wants to increase the perceived authority of their webpage.

There are a variety of domains and registrars available to suit the needs of nearly anyone, regardless of website niche. In order to get the best pricing and avoid common mistakes, it is necessary to understand the fundamentals of registering a domain name.

Why Register a Domain Name?

There are a variety of benefits that come from registering a domain name as opposed to using a sub-domain or other, similar, option. Some of the biggest benefits include:

  • Credibility & Trust – This can lead to increased sales and return visitors over time.
  • Branding – Through a strong TLD, Top Level Domain, one can easily brand their business and increase authority and influence.
  • Control – By registering a domain name, one can easily transfer hosts without hassle or lost visitors.

Understanding Domain Registration

In order to register a domain name, one needs to find a suitable domain name registrar. Through ICANN, a non-profit corporation, these registrars are able to provide one with a domain name and extension as long as the particular web address hasn’t been taken. There are a variety of TLDs that one can obtain; the most common of these TLDs are .com, .net and .org. For more unique extensions, such as, a gTLD registration is necessary.

Before purchasing a domain name and extension, be certain to carefully consider the best name that is available for the website’s purpose; by doing this, one can have a very positive impact on potential visitors and branding.

Domain Registrars

Each registrar has the ability to offer different fees and deals; because of this, the price of domain names is highly variable, typically ranging from $5 to $30. Additionally, some registrars may only offer common domain registration options, as opposed to the less common gTLD registration. Because of this, it is a good idea to browse through various registrars in order to ensure a good price as well as obtain domain names and extensions that fits the website’s goals and purpose.

In comparison to sticking with a subdomain or similar options, by purchasing a domain name, the chances of success are drastically increased. However, before registering any domains, carefully consider all naming and registrar options for the best results.

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