How to Transfer a Domain


If you own a website, there may come a time when you want to conduct a domain transfer over to a new registrar. Often the registrar will be the same as the web hosting company, as many offer registrar services. To make this process as stress-free as possible, you should familiarize yourself with the transfer policies of both the old host/registrar and the new host/registrar and follow these steps.

You will need to pay a fee to transfer a domain to a new host or registrar. Set up your account and pay any necessary fees before doing anything else.

Next, you need to visit your control panel at your current host. Follow directions there to unlock the domain because you cannot transfer a locked one. Note that some registrars call it “protection” instead of “locking.”

If you have previously put your site name under private registration, you will also need to disable this before the transfer. If you have not heard of this or are not sure if you have it or not, chances are you do not. Private registration hides your personal contact information, including your email address – your new host or registrar will need this information for the transfer.

Check that all of your personal contact information listed with the domain is current and matches that which you provided, or will provide, to your new host or registrar.

Obtain your transfer security key, which is a unique authorization code, from your current host. You will need to provide this when you request the transfer to the new host. This security measure lets the new host or registrar know that you are really the owner of the domain that you are requesting transferred,

This is typically all that needs to be done for a domain transfer, but the process does vary slightly amongst various hosts and registrars. Good communication is important at this time between you and your old and new hosts or registrars to make sure the transfer is completed easily. After you have completed all of the steps, it usually takes several days before the actual transfer is complete. You should receive an alert via email when the process has successfully completed.

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