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Marketing on the net requires a great deal of investigation. Anyone who hopes to use the net to earn money and sell a product or service must pay careful attention to the principles of SEO or Search engine optimization. Search engine optimization can help bring people to you business by getting your product or service noticed by Google and ranked when someone used the search engine to search for what you have to offer.The most important aspect of this process is picking the right keywords. A keyword is a word that people are using as a means of searching for a specific product or service. A keyword may include an object such as children’s raincoats as well as a service such as fixing a chimney. Some keywords are obviously far more popular than other keywords. Some keywords are also less popular.

Some specific keywords lend themselves to a wide variety of possible keywords. For example, if you are targeting domains centered around the state of Florida, you will obviously find many keywords that center around this keyword. Literally, hundreds if not thousands of keywords can be related to Florida. This may include the obvious such as Florida vacations and resorts. It also includes the less obvious such as Florida house cats and the like.

Deciding to market yourself around keyword rich domains has some advantages and some disadvantages. The primary advantage of choosing a keyword rich domain is that it is highly popular and will get traffic. You know people are searching for this term and terms that related to it. You know the traffic is there and probably will always be there for the foreseeable future. This means that you can build a long term business around the prospect of concentrating on this specific domain and related words.

The primary disadvantage of chasing after keyword rich domains is that it can be highly difficult to get ranked for this keyword. Others are targeting this keyword as well. You may not be able to compete with them. In that case, you may want to target a less known keyword that is related to the primary keyword. The lesser known term will often have less traffic. However, it will also often have less competition. This can be a useful of getting your name out there. A lesser known but well chosen keyword can still help you build your business effectively.


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  1. Ovais Mirza says:

    your blog is the one which provide me great information about the seo and i found good tips here and the articles are posted here are very good.

  2. Excellent and very nicely explained article really helpful for bloggers like me who don't have a good know how of SEO and are keen to increase page rank. Keep writing such nice articles.

  3. Ovais Mirza says:

    After Exact match domain update by Google, the relevance of keyword oriented domains is over. One should now focus to book domain on brand name rather than keyword base.

  4. Val says:

    "The primary disadvantage of chasing after keyword rich domains is that it can be highly difficult to get ranked for this keyword."
    – I don't clearly understand why. I thought keyword rich domains have a high chance of ranking. I think that what you mean is high competitive keywords.

    I am not an SEO expert I just want to know more about them. I would also like to also recommend ClickMinded SEO Training, they have great trainers and they do have great training.

  5. steve b says:

    Awesome blog, I’m learning so much here, thanks Donna.

  6. Coursecrown says:

    Very nice post. well said. Now I just need to make my clients understand this concept.

  7. seema says:

    Domain name boost keywords ranking is a time of past after Google EMD algorithm update. Now your domain name help in Google SERP when your website is properly optimized for user not for search engine.

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