List of Headline Writing Tips


Eye-catching headlines

If you want more people to go to your blog and click through your content, you need to master the art of writing compelling headlines. No matter how useful or entertaining your content is, no one is going to read it if they are not interested in your headlines. Here are four tips for writing eye-catching headlines:

1. Keep on top of trending topics. Start paying attention to the topics that are hot today or this month and see whether any of your content could fit those areas. If people are searching for back-to-school advice or supplies and you sell a product or service that could be used by a student, post an advice column or a list of tips or products and write a headline that uses the phrase “back-to-school.” If news breaks about a celebrity’s new hairstyle and you have a salon, post a blog about similar hairstyles and write a headline that uses the celebrity’s name, such as “How to get Jane Doe’s not new look.”

2. Use strong keywords. People who have never heard of your blog are going to find your posts when they do Internet searches for particular topics. Write headlines that include keywords commonly used to search for subject matter you carry. Here’s where Web headlines are different than print headlines. Clear, topic-specific headlines, rather than cute or esoteric ones, work best. The search engines may not understand your clever play on words, but they do understand popular keywords that help users find the content they want.

3. Show readers what’s in it for them. People are often looking for specific products, information, advice, etc., so your headline should convince them that your blog will give them just what they need. Headlines that use the word “how” are particularly effective, such as “How to pick a laptop for college” or “How to save money on your food budget.” Other ideas: “Everything you should know about home inspections,” “What not to do when planning a vacation” or “Step-by-step directions for sewing a pumpkin costume.”

4. Give them a list. Everyone does it, but everyone loves it. The list is one of the most-clicked headlines. Give them a Top-10 list, a five-tip list, a what-to-avoid list or any other list and watch your clicks rise.

Follow these ideas and your headlines will not only draw more readers into your blog, they will entice people to stay awhile as they click on different postings they see there.

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