E-Mail Bloopers

eMail Bloopers

When sending email, I have learned through the years to check, double check and triple check everything in or about my email before clicking that send button!

This blooper happened in my first years as a domainer I was the “sender”.

I had received a request for info on one of my domain names that was for sale. I was so excited that I wrote to a good friend and domaining colleague and outlined how had researched the buyer and was going to get the best price possible.  I didn’t word it that politely. I think there were terms like “bleed”, “deep pockets” all the usual domainer trash talking. As soon as I hit “send” I realized I had sent it to the potential buyer instead of to my friend. Oooops! No Sale!!

One this one I was the receiver. It was a very short email exchange where one person asked if they could discuss something that they wanted to request of me. The sender cc’d another friend of mine who worked with him (the originator of the email). Ultimately we decided to discuss it by phone. All went well and we were all happy.

Several days later when I was sorting email, I noticed the scroll bar..the thing on the right to scroll to read more further down the page. Well, it looked like it could scroll an awful lot more than the couple of lines I had read. I am often guilty of nonscrollios (a phrase, it appears, coined by our own Ron Sheridan ) so I scrolled down. Apparently they forgot they were hitting “reply all” as they discussed who would approach me, why, how etc. I’m happy to say there was nothing negative there but I haven’t told them yet that I saw all of this and have a little secret internal grin when I see them!

Maybe some of you have similar email bloopers you’d be willing to share!


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