Frank Schilling – The Target of the Day

Frank Schilling

This post has nothing to do with new gTLDs. It has nothing directly to do with Frank Schilling.

What it is about is people. It’s about our industry. It’s about how we so easily give people big titles – visionary, game changer. It’s about the long list of righteous titles people have self proclaimed and we have accepted.

I haven’t seen a single visionary amongst the domainer community. Not a game changer in the bunch. If in 1970 you foresaw the internet opening up for commerce and prepared for that could be a visionary. If you noticed early on that there were things happening in this interweb thing, jumped on and did well, that makes you an entrepreneur not a visionary. If you saw something being done and did it better, that’s not a game changer, that’s an improvement.

We applaud and cheer and draw attention to and even fill the wallets of members of our community that actually should be kept behind closed doors so the mainstream world doesn’t see them as representative of us. Just because they are loud, vulgar, and scream about the wrong doings of other people doesn’t mean their own house is clean, but nobody looks at that. Even if you point out the hypocrisy in these loud vulgar rants, there’s always the group that worships a person who is big and bold with total disregard for the what the message is. That’s like going into a bar at 2:00 am and taking the loud mouth drunk who is ranting at the politician on the tv screen and electing him mayor! Of your town!!

A true domainer has entrepreneurial blood in their veins. Entrepreneurs cannot be fans or followers as it’s against the nature of the beast. Hobbyists and wannabees are fans and followers and some will mature into domainers, others will go broke being groupies following a false idol.

Then we have a few like Frank. I have known Frank for many, many years. Since about 2000. No, I don’t have dinner with his family. It’s been many years since the days when we exchanged emails just to chat. But I call him friend. I remember when he had his nose to the grindstone 20 hours a day. I remember when he emerged from his cave looking like he hadn’t had a meal, a shower or a haircut in months. Probably hadn’t. He had been WORKING!!! He had been earning his stripes.

I really don’t ever recall him asking for anything. I don’t recall him pointing those big foam fingers at himself saying “look at me!!” I don’t recall him cutting down people around him to make himself look bigger. I remember him working. If it wasn’t for us seeing his name all over whois, I think he might have gone unnoticed and been happy about it. But he was noticed. Until recently he was seen as a worthy spokesperson and a great face on our industry. We made him that. We made him an industry sweetheart.

Now this is what this post is really about. People, we aren’t a pack of wild animals waiting for a wounded member of the pack to stroll by so we can attack. Are we? I watched when Richard Lau announced Namescon. Some buffoon had to dig really deep to insult him and came up with..”He hasn’t even updated his profile!” Huh?? How dare Richard spend his time helping Water School or tracking down stolen domains instead of updating his profile..shame on you Richard 🙂

Now we have the combination of issues – gTLDs, good vs bad and Frank stumbling. Granted he stumbled big. But really people. Do you think he sat down there on his beach and worked hard on finding a way to screw this up and anger all of you? Do you think that was the goal? The goal of anybody involved?

Let’s stop this attack mode everyone seems to be in. Let’s let all of these companies get back to fixing a badly broken system. Let’s go back to gathering whichever dot whatever is your extension du jour. Let’s stop creating heroes only to eat them alive when they stumble. Let’s start acting like humans not wolves. Take that time you would have spent venting (and that’s all it is, your not fixing anything) on the blogs. It’s all been said, your voice doesn’t carry more fixative than the 50 before it. Go play with your kids. Read a book. Walk in the park. Or develop a domain!! And you folks getting the crap beat out of you, stop degrading yourselves by making pointless responses in the blogs and forums..they are there forever you know..long after today’s frustration is fixed. Surely your time is better spent fixing things.

In short, let’s dial back the anger. It’s non-productive, not healthy, and makes you say and do things you wish you hadn’t said.

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9 Responses to Frank Schilling – The Target of the Day

  1. Candy says:

    OMG I LOVE your 'selfie description'!!!! Oh wait it is in 3rd person…. you didn't write that did you?

  2. Tia Wood says:

    Well said, Donna. Reminds me of the saying; those that do, do. Those who don't, criticize. I look at Frank and others like him as daring entrepreneurs who have enough guts to actually do something. Doing something big and being willing to stand up against whatever criticism comes your way, good or bad, is not easy. It's easier, though, to bash people in blog comments. I've grown to realize that those 'true domainers' or even 'true entrepreneurs' aren't so active on blogs, forums and the like because they're too busy doing as you put it above.

  3. Donna Mahony says:

    Thank you, Tia. I think if a person is a public figure that they should expect public criticism. But this, and other cases through the years, just has the feel of bullying. It almost feels like everyone was cocked and ready to take that first shot. It seems like the industry has been split in two sides for as long as I've been in it. ..since 1999. It's like if you always get A's all through school and one day you get a C. The people who always got nothing but C's point a finger and laugh.

  4. Tasha Kidd says:

    Well, said, Donna. I've been watching that nastiness for years, and just shake my head and lay low.

  5. Warren Royal says:

    Very nice, Donna. Well said! Frank's quiet determination and endless hard work is an inspiration for us all.

  6. Donna Mahony says:

    Thank you Tasha and Warren.

  7. Incognito says:

    Interesting commentary, Donna. Your basic premise is unarguable and long overdue: Domain pros feeding on domain pros as public theater is bad juju.

    Your characterization of the chronic bully whom you've placed in the crosshairs of your rant is certainly fitting. However, had you and others reconciled this perception in 2004, when he (and the drooling hangers-on he orchestrated) viscously menaced and demonized me, other unwitting victims of his tactical spite, such as Patrick Ruddell, might thereafter have been spared the anguish of gang defamation. Too many have suffered, too few have challenged his public bluster with words and wallets.

    Better late than never. Yours is good food for thought.

    But here's where you and I differ. Though my contempt for him is boundless, I will forever contend that the unnamed, but apparent "he" is the industry's original seer-in-chief. Yep, visionary. Time after time, he has defied convention and stubbornly prophesied future events with conspicuous clarity. He also helped bring those prophesies to life. Along the way, his words and ways empowered us all to think bigger, see beyond the horizon and audaciously commodify FUTURE value. What he foresaw, we materialized. That says "visionary" to me.

    Even if he is and will always be an insufferable, megalomaniacal douche bag and a worthy fire hydrant, you cannot dismiss, nor even marginalize, the accuracy of his forecasts, nor the resulting sun-showers of prosperity so many experienced. He saw, he shared, he mattered.

  8. Donna Mahony says:

    @Incognito The bully in my post is a combination of many I have either been victimized by or seen others victimized by all the way back to the Afternic chat room. Most operated their cowardly behavior under an alias. One is now a friend and is not aware that I know who he was back then. Another, who at least used his real name, has approached me in recent years and sincerely (and I don't doubt it) apologized. So many who read this will fill in the blanks with their own bullies. Or recognize themselves.

    I don't recall what incident you are referring to in 2004 but I am sorry for any pain you suffered. My comments may be late, but here they are today. Probably won't make a difference but I feel better for having said them.

    My point is that this needs to end. My point is that whether your the white hat or the black hat, you could be a victim of the pack behavior. And it could change over night.

    As for the rest of your comment, I respect your opinion and appreciate you taking the time to respond.

  9. Jonathan says:

    "What it is about is people. It’s about our industry."

    What it is about is people. Its the price of democracy, would not want the alternative.

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