gTLD Boredom


Sorry for yawning in your face but gTLD must stand for got To Lay Down and sleep from boredom. I was not interested in owning any of these “New G’s” but I thought the game was going to be exciting to watch. No way. I can understand the technical problems. My interest in even watching is gone. It’s no fun to follow who gets the left overs with all the good stuff held back for a variety of reasons. I guess I was hoping for the fun we had during the time when you could catch drops from your keyboard at home. There’s none of that. I’m tired of the ridiculous sounding sales pitches. I’m tired of the highly emotional venting of the non believers. I have a vague memory of .guru being released. I remember the jackals circling after .sexy and .tattoo were released. After that, I tuned out. I feel like I was expecting a Led Zepplin concert and Patsy Cline showed up.

However! As I watch the list of favorite gTLDs  (just a fun poll, not an award) on the Domainer’s Choice Awards it’s appearing that the game may get heated up later..I’m hoping! Nominations end soon so get over there and make your choices!



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