How to get Unfriended, Unfollowed, Blocked or Banished to VoiceMail


How to get Unfriended, Unfollowed, Blocked or Banished to VoiceMail…by me at least.

Let’s start with the telephone. Of the two choices, answer or not answer, I most often opt to not answer. I don’t carry my phone from place to place with me at home. I don’t see YOUR name and decide not to answer. It’s much simpler than that. I don’t always look to see who is calling. I don’t even always look to see if I have messages. I could make a long list of reasons why I don’t answer the phone but let’s just go with..because I don’t want to answer.

I DO have a VERY short list of people who I always answer if I do see their names. My sons and two of my friends. That’s it.  I do have a slightly longer list of people I almost always answer. When I am not home, unless I have reason to believe a call is coming in that I must take, I NEVER even have my ringer on. As old as I am, most of my years I was unreachable if I was away from home since there weren’t always cell phones. To the best of my knowledge, nobody ever died or suffered severe consequences because I was unreachable for long periods of time during all those years.

It’s not personal. You’ve called me at a time convenient for you and knowing the reason for calling. I just want the same advantage.

About social’s all the same to me and I really enjoy it. Facebook is my most common “hangout”. I don’t use social media directly to do business but I like to stay in touch and keep my name out there. Let folks know a little more about me. See another side of friends and colleagues. Just socialize!

I realize than many are on the networks to make money..or try to..and unless it’s blatant abuse, I don’t really care about their postings on their time lines.

However! My biggest pet peeve about friends and followers are those that PM me and ask if they can send a friend request and don’t respect my reply. I always tell them that I’d be happy to accept a friend request but DO NOT spam me, ever. And the first thing they do is spam me. DUH! Social media is not a mailing list. When I accept a friend request or if I follow you, I want to get to know you. I become a colleague not a customer.

So to sum things up. Respect the people who accept your friendship both in real life and social media.

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  1. I couldn't agree more. I've found that my social media spam is mostly related to people who use their career field in their name. Like John Doe Domains. I ignore those. They're the ones that will be adding me to groups I don't want to be a part of and none of their posts will be about their day, life experiences, or contribute to my day in any way. I don't have a problem with people using fake names on social media for privacy reasons, but their friendship is accepted because I know the real person behind the alias. Good article.

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