How to Have a Successful Launch!!

Launch Day

I don’t know how to have a successful launch in the typical manner. I only  know how I did it and in my opinion, it was awesome. I’ll be happy to share.

I’ll leave the why to blog to another day and tell you how was born and built.

First I needed a domain name. Being in the domain industry as long as I have, having a great domain was expected. Somehow I don’t think Donnas.Blog gave me as much credibility as Rut Roh .. that’s been taken since 2005! Of course I already knew that. It was owned by my good friend and colleague Adam Strong of *

*The best advice I will ever give you: Nurture relationships. Not just make relationships, nurture them. Always be kind. Always be helpful. Always reach out a helping hand.

So I was able to acquire the very best domain for my blog. And choosing the best domain was where my skill set ended for this project. I am so technically challenged that I’m almost ashamed to admit it! But there it is, out there for the world to read.

Lucky for me I have surrounded myself with some of the smartest people I know! (Here’s those nurtured relationships)

If you don’t know how to do it, this isn’t the time to scrimp on the budget! Hire somebody who knows what they are doing. Somebody who can show you their successes. If there isn’t somebody in your circle then ask your colleagues for a referral.  In my case I chose Charlotte Gilbert of

That girl knows her stuff! I had no idea what to do about the social media stuff. Or if I needed to even bother right away. I assumed a little logo software would let me make a little something. Not with Charlie in charge. She hooked me up with a designer who was good and met deadlines and edited until I was happy. For a reasonable price, too.

She took me through the steps of building this blog one at a time and it wasn’t too overwhelming. There are lots of tiny details to get done. Like anything else, the devil is in the details! She was actually able to teach me some tech stuff and that’s a small miracle in itself. The other things she just took care of herself.

Since I had asked for Charlies expertise, I made sure I followed instructions to a tee.  She had given me a “go live” date and met it easily. Now me? With the go live? I panicked and she shut it off while I took some deep breaths and got myself ready to pull back the curtain and step out onto the stage. And we did. There were blog posts, shares, tweets, emails, pm’s . There were all the friends I had nurtured through the years. They had all encouraged me to blog. They knew me. They trusted me. They supported me!

So don’t be afraid if you don’t know how to do something..jump in with both feet and get ‘er done!


3 Responses to How to Have a Successful Launch!!

  1. Declan says:

    Hi Donna,

    Just a quick hi and all the best from the UK.

    I look forward to reading your views on what will be a very interesting year.

  2. Tom S says:

    Hi donna,

    I look forward to reading your blog. I have always thought that a womens's view on a subject is refreshing and straight forward. It will be nice to hear your ideas about domaining from a women's point of view. I know the tactics are the same for male and female, but having a different gender blogging on a regular basis will be good for the industry. Maybe some of the negativity and personal attacks we've seen lately will subside a bit. Best of luck to you!

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