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idle chatter

Well, the nominations for Domainer’s Choice Awards have been announced. I’ve really enjoyed reading the various blogs and comments. I though I’d comment a little bit here.

Some people thought it was “same old, same old” or were pleasantly surprised to see some new names emerging. The very first thing I have to say here is that when you say the names are the same, they can’t be the same as Domainer’s Choice Awards. We haven’t presented since 2008. So who are the names the same as? Off the top of my head I can only think of TRAFFIC awards (Rick Schwartz and Howard Neu). Domain Name Wire did a survey type for awhile too. (I miss that ) Others have come and gone.

TRAFFIC and Domainer’s Choice Awards are totally different programs. If the nominees or winners are the same..I guess the industry believes in their choices. As far as the new faces showing up in the DCA  nominees. Well, the industry is growing. New people coming in. New programs growing, improving and gaining popularity.

One blog, in particular, interested me. There were some people commenting that the blog writer should have been in the finals. That’s wonderful, I LOVE loyalty and support! The same people had some negative comments about the awards because their blog writer didn’t make the list. What’s hilarious about this is that I know precisely how many nominations the blogger received. Doing the math….most of the people complaining hadn’t even nominated. So there you have it.

Some facts about the Domainer’s Choice Awards you might not know:

  • We are a stand alone program. We are not associated with or part of any public conference. In the future that will change a little. Some of our thoughts are: We will run along side of each of the big conferences at different times. We may end up following one or we may choose to move around. Which ever conference is your favorite, you may find our presentation ceremony outside the front door. That would make attendance more affordable and convenient for everyone at different times. We’re new. We’re watching to see what is best for the awards.
  • We are in the process of acquiring our non profit status (501c3). Sponsorships, event tickets, fund raising, etc will be used to fund the More information will be coming towards the end of April
  • This disclaimer was clearly posted: To keep the Voting completely transparent, Donna Mahony,,, or will NOT be eligible for nominations. Ms. Mahony and her companies will be out of the race completely. Any nominations that did come in were disqualified.
  • Our final voting is handled by a 3rd party voting company. We have gone to great extremes to make this the best Awards program in the industry. The final way of doing that was to be “hands off” in the final voting. It’s all being handled by If you have other suggestions that would help instill confidence I’d be happy to listen.

We are just in our infancy and still have a lot to learn. If you have  questions or comments about changes, adjustments or what might help instill your confidence, I’d love to hear from you. Publicly or privately. But clucking amongst yourselves doesn’t get any answers or fixes or changes.  “Your Industry, Your Choice” only includes YOU if you step up!

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