Improvement Through Positive Reinforcement


Improvement Through Positive Reinforcement

 If you think about all the classrooms that you have experienced in your life and all the teachers that you have had, there are surely some that stand out to you. Picture the teachers you had that made a positive influence in your life, and then think about the ones that you couldn’t stand. When asked about the qualities of the teachers that made a positive impression on students, the response is often that the teacher frequently encouraged them by providing them with positive encouragement. You will also find that many of the teachers who students hate are the ones who publicly embarrass them in front of the class as a punishment. Adults in the business world are no different. Nobody wants to be on the receiving end of constant negativity. And more important, nobody wants to be around constant negativity. The only people who enjoy the company of bullies are other bullies. Here’s how to use positive reinforcement to increase the happiness and productivity of your colleagues.

Catch People Doing Good Work

When you notice one of your colleagues, whether it be an individual or company, working hard or going the extra mile to get the job done, it’s important that you give them some positive feedback to let them know you notice the behavior. The positive reinforcement will make the person or company feel good about what they are doing, and they will be more likely in the future if they know that you are paying attention. People love being recognized for what they are doing even if that isn’t the reason that they are working hard.

Avoid Embarrassing People

There is nothing worse for morale than a person who publicly embarrasses their colleagues. Doing this in front of their peers will not make everyone work harder to avoid being publicly shamed, it will only turn them against you, and you will lose their respect and the respect of others. Even if the person has hit the wrong button inside you and you can barely control yourself, just walk away from the situation instead of embarrassing them in front of everyone. Showing everyone that you are under control enough to walk away or diffuse a situation will go much farther in earning everyone’s respect than ranting or demeaning behavior.

Use Reinforcers

When you notice a positive behavior, make an effort to reward those who are representing our industry in a positive way. Even if they are your competitors, a tweet, a post or just a quick email to them showing you appreciate their efforts can only raise the bar in the industry and therefore you benefit too! This will keep everyone happy, and your life will be made easier when people actually want to work harder to be the best they can..

Using positive reinforcement as a motivator can be a powerful tool for you no matter what industry you are in if you use it properly. Nobody likes to be publicly embarrassed or on the wrong end of constant negative criticism. Get to know the people in your industry.


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