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I have been really annoyed by referrer spam messing up my stats and did a post  explaining how to keep it off of your sites but parking stats still remained a problem.  I expressed this to ParkingCrew.com and I guess I wasn’t the only one! I was excited to log in to ParkingCrew.com and see this notice:

You asked – we listened – All about your domain referrers

Hi guys,

Once again we are extremely happy to present you with two useful improvements that were requested by our clients.

1. Remove Referrer Spam:

As most of you might already be aware, we are displaying referrer statistics for your domains. Recently this valuable information was polluted by referrer spam domains.

On 2015-08-25 we launched a solution that blocks referrer spam that was not able to convert into a valid click on your ads. From this date, this machine traffic will no longer pollute your unique counting and referrer statistics.

As this feature has been activated for about a week, you will not find any spam referrers such as success-seo.com or buttons-for-website.com in your last 7 days referrer stats anymore. Referrer spam, for your last 30 and 90 day stats, will be filtered gradually by time.

In case you notice a new spam referrer affecting your statistics please send the corresponding domain name and the referral spam domain to ParkingCrew Support, we will be happy to update our blocklist accordingly.

Information about referrer spam
Information about referrer

2. Bulk Referrer Export:

It’s now also possible to download your domain referrers in bulk. This can be done at the bottom of the Account Overview page. This allows you to export the data for multiple domains, a portfolio or the entire account for the last 7, 30 or 90 days to CSV or Excel.

Please find more information in our FAQ.


Your ParkingCrew Team

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  1. paryachts says:

    After I inadvertently let my $12 domain name lapse, ParkingCrew grabbed it and now are holding it for a $250 dollar ransom. An innocuous mistake on my part and I run into net whores (screwing people for money). Not a company that sounds respectable to me.

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