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NextGEN for WordPress

NextGEN is one of the most powerful and popular downloads for WordPress, with over 12 million people currently using its latest iteration. NextGEN for WordPress is known as a “gallery plug-in.”– What is a gallery plug-in for WordPress?A WordPress gallery plug-in is meant to display photographs in an organized fashion. From this basic function, many other things can be accomplished such as populating a blog, organizing all sorts of business records and providing aesthetically pleasing backdrops for websites of all types.NextGEN for WordPress is one of the most popular gallery plug-ins because of its extended feature set and its ability to perform the basic functions of a gallery plug-in in a streamlined fashion.– What are the different options for the NextGEN WordPress gallery plug-in?

As one of the most professional gallery plug-ins on the market, NextGEN offers many different tiers of features for different purposes. The first option is completely free of charge and includes all of the basic photo gallery functions that one would expect in any gallery plug-in. However, NextGEN also provides the user with the ability to organize meta tags for search optimization, a fully responsive design for displaying galleries efficiently on mobile platforms and free image zip imports and backups. The free option for NextGEN is actually much better equipped than many of the paid options for other gallery plug-ins.If you need an even more robust system for your website, there are two other tiers for the program. NextGEN Plus and NextGEN Pro are the silver and gold levels of the program respectively. The Pro option includes of full-screen lightbox, social sharing for easy syndication across platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and the ability to deep link and comment on images. The Plus option also adds the features of e-commerce for professional photographers and artists who want to sell prints from the website directly. There is easy PayPal integration with the platform as well as an unlimited price list support.

Both of the professional options have an annual fee. One of the best options for professionals is the ability to add watermarks that cannot be taken away. This helps to protect the intellectual property of professionals in a way that no competition of NextGEN has truly been able to emulate – other watermarks are easily hacked into and removed from photographs.

– What can this program do for me if I am not a professional photographer or an artist?

Even if you are not in the world of professional art or photography, NextGEN may still be quite relevant to you. Many webmasters and business owners will use the program for managing their personal image galleries as well is uploading them in a timely fashion. You have the ability to batch upload, import any metadata that may be relevant, rearrange and sort images, edit the thumbnails, group the galleries into albums and otherwise create a very easy to follow personal narrative in photos.

Not only this, but NextGEN gives the user the potential to enhance photographs by adding transitions and lightbox effects. You can also change the timing of the transitions as well as the rolling size and the style.

– Why does NextGEN remain so popular after so many years?

One of the reasons that the program is so popular is because it is always updated. Gallery 2.0 was updated in July 2013. Since then, they have continued to tweak and perfect the system, keeping them on the cutting edge of the industry ahead of all competition.

The program has also built up quite a substantial community because of its position as the number one gallery plug-in. It has quickly become the industry standard among art professionals and amateurs because of the relatively open source functionality of the program. No matter what your question may be, there is someone in the NextGEN forums who can answer it.

This status as the standard has also made it very easy for people who wish to trade photos to do so. Entire image galleries can be moved from one person to another without having to deal with any coding issues. The additions to the galleries such as any transitions for timing settings will be transferred automatically.

With all of the advantages of the NextGEN platform, it is quite difficult to find a reason not to use the program. There does not seem to be any competition that can overtake this program; however, you never know!


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