It will come as no surprise to most of you that my first “A” list company is They may seem like the new kids on the block but they are far from it. From their website:

Rook Media is a collection of some of the most experienced domain monetization specialists in the industry coming together with one purpose: to make its customers more money.

With over 55 years of combined experience in the management and sales level of 4 different domain monetization providers, there’s no team in the industry that knows more about making money with domains.

While Rook was founded in 2011, the team already started forming years ago. Most everyone met in 2005 while working at a small internet startup called Sedo. The team left in 2006 to help found NameDrive. You’d think two parking companies in one lifetime would be enough, but you’d be wrong.

Joe HigginsBut that wasn’t what prompted me to use RookMedia as my parking company. Joe Higgins, Senior Sales and Strategy Consultant was on the team! Joe had been my go to guy at Domain Sponsor for several years and I knew there was nobody better in the industry. I guess I wasn’t the only one to think that as Joe won the Industry Customer Service Rep Award at Domainers Choice Awards 2014

As always, Joe provides prompt and efficient service and I always know that he’s working in my best interest.

Rook has a simple and easy to use admin area. You basically add your domains and they do the rest. At first I was concerned and felt out of control that they do the optimization for you. I’m one who often moves a specific group of domains around to other parking companies for testing and to always be on top of what others have to offer. What I have found is that their system consistently makes more money.

One thing I always recommend to domainers is that they establish relationships with the people within the companies where they do business.

Ash Via email, Joe introduced me to Ash Rahimi, CEO. What a great person Ash is to “talk” to. He’s always open and forthright with answers to questions and goes to great extremes to help us understand the parking world. He’s a great listener and respects the fact that I too have been in the business for a long time and he gives careful consideration to my sometimes endless suggestions and requests.

simonAt Namescon I got to meet Simon Pupo, VP of Sales. Simon is a warm, humble man. He has great positive energy and is a pleasure to be around. I didn’t get to know him well at the conference but have had some great conversations with him via Facebook. He’s never too busy to take some time to help.

martinI found out yesterday that Martin Andersson, CSO would be in LA the same time that I am going to be there this month. We worked hard to find some time we both had available to meet but he was leaving the day after I got in so time was limited. He was willing to give up one tiny block of time he had for himself, his lunch time, so we could get together but I wasn’t taking that away from him. We made plans to meet before the end of the year when he is in LA again.

So not only do they provide good revenue, pay on time and have great service, they are a team that cares about their clients, big and small.

As if all that isn’t enough, they recently acquired! Domain Sponsor was my parking company of choice for many years so this is the frosting on the cake for me! There are some great things happening over there as we speak. I’m looking forward to the Rook Team and the Domain Sponsor team getting together to restore DS to it’s former glory and doing even bigger and better things!

WTG, Rook, I’m proud to not only be a client but a friend. In my POV, you are the best!

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