How to Sell your Domain Name


The right domain name can do wonders for traffic and online sales. Many domains are already owned, which makes it more difficult to get exactly what someone would like to have associated with their business. It is possible to sell your domain name though and to make a good profit from it. Knowing how to sell and where to sell will reduce the time it takes.

Domain Information

When it comes to the ownership of domains, you need to know when that right expires. Registering a domain name requires a small fee to be paid. It can also have a renewal date associated with it. It is possible to transfer such domains you have ownership of to others.

How to Sell

Before you put a domain out there for sale, consider the value. The more rare that name happens to be, the more value it may have for a particular person. Keep in mind though that it narrows down your buying market and thus your selling power. A common domain that is in high demand by consumers may yield better income for you.

Take some time to compare what similar domains have sold for recently. This will help you to set up your asking price. Don’t set it too high or your offer will get bypassed. However, don’t start it too low either as you may be selling it for far less than it is worth. Be open to offers and to negotiating too with interested parties.

Where to Sell

There are quite a few websites out there that offer a marketplace for domain names. The most common one is Another option is These are two locations where buyers are frequently found looking for domains to purchase. It makes sense to post what you have available where plenty of eyes will take notice. has its own selling power behind it, and they will charge you a fee when you sell any domain through their site. You can use their escrow system to safely and securely accept payment and to transfer ownership of a domain to another party.

Don’t be shy when it comes to directly contacting potential buyers for your domains too. If you think that there is a business out there that a domain you own would be a good match for, send them an email through their customer service. You can also contact them via social media. Make sure you provide them with adequate contact information if they would like to contact you about buying the domain name.

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