Social Media and Blogging

social media and blogging

Social networking now has an essential role in Internet marketing and business promotions. Offline forms of advertising and marketing are no longer enough to draw in a solid customer base and sustain the public’s interest in a company over the long term. The most popular social sites have millions of registered users posting and sharing topics that are important to them. This user-generated content can be a powerful marketing tool for business owners who want to find out what’s important to their core customer base.

Signing up for the most highly trafficked social sites will give a business a ready set of marketing tools at little to no start-up expense. An online social presence personalizes a company’s brand and affords owners the chance to communicate with their followers in a relaxed, informal manner. This Internet marketing tactic is effective at fostering company good will and building lasting customer loyalty.

Creating a Positive Company Image

Before social networking became mainstream, customers had fewer options for contacting the businesses they frequented. They could send letters or emails but sometimes had to wait days or weeks for a response. Social networking has no such limits and affords business owners to respond quickly to posted questions, comments or concerns.

Part of a company’s online reputation now depends on social signals, which are the numbers of “re-tweets,” “likes” and followers the business is able to gather over time. Social signals can fluctuate slightly, but gradual increases indicate a company’s social network pages provide customers with useful content and open communication. Google also factors in social signals when assigning a business’s website its page rank in search results.

Engaging With Customers

Social sites are excellent platforms for marketers who want to understand their repeat customers’ needs, challenges and concerns. This aspect of social marketing takes some thought and planning because members of a core customer base have diverse backgrounds or points of view. The goal of a successful social marketer is to understand what these audience members are thinking and then provide content that will genuinely help them.

Providing Useful Information

Communicating with followers via Facebook or Twitter is only one part of the equation. A company blog with frequent updates is another essential tool for building a stellar online social presence. A staple of that blog is original, high quality content written to educate visitors about topics related to a business’s products or services. The top company blogs help their loyal customers solve problems or learn new strategies to make their daily lives easier.

Essential Social Media Sites for Businesses

Search engines like Google plus others you deem important use Facebook “likes” as one example of a social signal indicating a good company reputation. Marketers can create Facebook pages for any type of business or organization, and this social platform is a powerful paid advertising tool as well. Sharing links to company blog posts is a proven way to attract readers who may become buyers. The same type of content promotion is a standard practice for company Twitter accounts as well.

Newer Social Media Sites Worth Consideration

Companies who offer business-to-business services can use LinkedIn to make online connections with professionals who may turn into customers in the future. Marketers who are targeting somewhat younger demographics could get good results from posting and linking on Tumblr, a popular blogging platform for teenagers and people in their 20s. Instagram is worth joining for business owners who want to quickly post and share images of their latest products.

Using Google plus others you deem important for promotion is essential because social signals help to determine a company website’s place in Google’s search engine results pages. Blogging paired with social networking now has a pivotal role in attracting a lasting customer base, and this rule applies to both small start-ups as well as larger businesses.

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