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Ghost Spam – Understanding and Blocking


ghostUnderstanding and Blocking Ghost Spam

A new type of spam has recently begun aggravating website developers and SEO marketers. This is a variety of spam known as ghost spam. In many circles, it is also called referrer spam. Unlike keyword spamming, which is otherwise known as keyword stuffing, ghost spam will not involve the spammer paying visits to the victim’s websites or email accounts. Instead, the Google Analytics statistics will show hits that did not actually take place. Google Analytics users are finding evidence of this in increasing numbers lately, and seeing it has prompted questions about how it works and how to deal with it.

Referrer Spam – What it is and How and Why to Stop It


Referrer Spam: What It Is, Why It’s Bad, and How to Stop It

Ah, spam. Once upon a time, this was merely the name for a faintly distasteful loaf of canned meat, but with the rise of the Internet, it became something else altogether. Spam, as it is officially known, is any type of inappropriate, irrelevant, fake, or otherwise obtrusive and unwelcome message sent via mass communication channels (with the Internet being far and away the most popular avenue). Of course, in the infancy of cyber culture, it wasn’t such a problem, if only because in the old days – that is, the brief period between an almost total lack of a civilian Internet and the world we live in today, wherein kids who aren’t even old enough to shave are making money on YouTube – there wasn’t much of a user base for spammers to infect. Gradually, however, the Internet’s popularity and user pool grew larger, and before long, email spam became the flagship example of this phenomenon. Now, with the new millennium well underway, email spam has mutated, and the result is referrer spam. Read on to learn what it is, why it’s bad for you, and how to defeat it.