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I’ve been trying to catch up on my blogging now that all my other projects, Domainer’s Choice Awards and DBRFunFest are behind me for a little while. This is what I’ll be working on today.

Tags for Your Blog Post
Every blogger should learn the importance of using tags in their blog posts. Tags provide readers with an easy way to sort through your blog and find a specific topic. They serve as an index for readers to refer to. By tagging all of your posts, readers can easily see topics that you cover. More importantly, if a reader is interested in a certain topic, they can click on that tag and every blog post you have written on that subject will be shown. Most readers are not interested in every single blog post you have written and would prefer to find the information they are seeking. Tags provide an easy way for readers to navigate your blog and keep them coming back for more information.

Tags Should Be Specific
Tags should be specific to each blog post and not so broad that they are unhelpful to the reader. For example, a blog about travel shouldn’t use the word “travel” as a tag after each post because that is the subject of the entire blog. A blog post about tips for traveling to Italy should include the following tags at the end of the post: Italy, travel tips. If you frequently blog about Italy, adding the city name or region as a tag is also a good idea to better aid the reader. A cooking blog need not include the word “recipe” after every post but should instead have more specific tags such as chicken recipes, desserts, or 30-minute-meals, depending on the particular subject.
Tags Should Be Short
Do not use entire sentences for your tags. Tags should be keywords that your readers are interested in. They do not need to be longer than two or three words. Again, think of tags as the index for your blog. Short tags or keywords will not only be more helpful to your readers but also aid search engines in finding your blog post.
Use Only a Few Tags
Use only a few tags on each blog post. Your goal is to inform and not overwhelm your readers. Readers should be able to quickly scan through your tags to find the topic they are looking for. If you overwhelm them with options, they may become frustrated and look somewhere else for information.
Repeat Your Tags
It is important to use tags that are general enough they can be used again in other blog posts. What topics are your readers interested in? Stick to the main keywords they are likely to be searching for. For example, if your blog post is about your favorite restaurant in Florence, your tags for the post should be Florence and Italy, not the name of the restaurant, as that is too specific and unlikely to be repeated in other blog posts.As you begin blogging, be sure to tag every post. Tags serve as an index for the reader, and a blog that is easy to navigate with specific tags or keywords will keep readers coming back.


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