The Domain Guardians Story – My “A” List


The Domain Guardians Story

On my “A” list today are Jen Sale and Mike Robertson and their company, Domain Guardians. I’ve known them both for many, many years and they never fail to meet all my criteria for making my list. They are honest and ethical. They are responsive to your needs and always go that extra mile for everyone. As friends and colleagues their reputation is stellar. If you are looking to hire an agency where you can hand over a job and not worry, you can count on Mike and Jen. Not to mention that they full of fun and two of the most charming people you’ll ever meet!

jen-saleIf you have been in the domain space for some time or you’ve attended a conference or two, it’s likely you would have met Jen Sale and Mike Robertson. It’s common knowledge that they both kickstarted their domain careers at Dark Blue Sea (more commonly known by it’s flagship product –, where Mike was most recognized for his impeccable account management, and Jen managed the very successful sales channel (Domain Distribution Network).

At the very heart of it, they have built a great working relationship and friendship over many years, and share many of the same values – work hard, never give up, treat others the way you wish to be treated, learn from your mistakes and be humble.

After 9 years with DBS, they were both seeking a new challenge and wanted to give their own business a shot. So they joined forces (with an amazing mentor – Adam Strong ) and launched Domain Guardians. Adam was also covered in a story here.

Their first offering was Domain Legacy – an estate planning service and platform to store sensitive domain-related data – however, they were regularly being approached to broker domains, likely due to their experience managing, valuing and acquiring/selling premium domain names.

As they say ‘the market is the market’, so they launched a brokering service alongside Domain Legacy. While the great majority of their sales go unreported due to confidentiality agreements, they have been honored to achieve a number of reported top sales on, including and

At present, they broker top-tier domain acquisitions, as this is their specialty. Some of the domains they have successfully acquired include,, and, which was previously owned by American banking giant, Wells Fargo.mike-jen-adam

Jen and Mike pride themselves on ethical business practice, and as such urge anyone seeking a broker to do their due diligence. They suggest you review a broker’s qualifications, experience and references (along with advice from a 3rd party that holds no stake in your sale), and also point out that ‘you get what you pay for’.


Here are just a few quick and easy ways they suggest to do a little research when choosing a domain name broker:

* How long has the broker been brokering domain names and working in the domain industry? Can you verify this on their LinkedIn, and more importantly, with 3rd parties (this may include and other domain veterans, such as Donna)?
* Does the broker have testimonials on their website and recommendations on their LinkedIn profiles, specifically noting the domains they have brokered?
* Has the broker been featured on any of the reputable domain news websites or reported any decent sales? E.g.,,, etc.

You can contact Mike and Jen or get more information at any of the links below.

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