Top Five Third Party Screenshot Software


Top Five Third Party Screenshot Software

If you want to make your posts more appealing and readable, you need to use screenshots. This is one of the simplest ways through which you can illustrate facts that would otherwise have been very complicated. However, before you think about using such graphics, you need to choose the right software. Although there are many third party screenshot software options in the markets, you need to understand that some of them may not be what you need. The features should make it possible for you to capture the specific details that you want to illustrate. Here are some of the most popular options that you can use:

1. 7Capture

The biggest advantage of using 7Capture software is that it makes it very easy to create professional screenshots. If you have used some of the free software, you must have realized that most of them are a problem, especially to new users. They might have rounded windows or alpha effects that do not work. Since screenshots that look unprofessional will add no value to your posts, it is best to use this unique product to come up with excellent screenshots. Removing the effects and other features that make up for a bad screenshot is something that everyone wants and this is exactly what you get.

For most webmasters who want to use screenshots, the ease with which they can move the windows on a white background matters a lot. It therefore becomes a major problem when you cannot eliminate the rounded corners and other similar features. Its only low side is that sometimes, changing the rounded corners can be a cumbersome task.

2. PicPick

With PicPick, you have the flexibility to capture parts of the computer screen. This is important when you only want to display a few details as opposed to the entire screen. Whether you are a journalist, a teacher or a webmaster, you will always want to do this often so as to put across the information in a more effective manner. The main advantage of using this software is that it offers more flexibility and functionality. It is by far a good choice for users who are constantly looking for something more than just the basic functionality of screen capture software.

The fact that it is available as a portable version and as an installer makes it even more usable. You can access the icon in the Windows bar after starting up. However, although it offers most of the basic features such as cropping and shading, it has its own disadvantages too. For instance, it is often slow, especially for large projects. However, It works fine with moderate usage.

3. Greenshot

With this software, you can easily take screenshots by pressing the print key. This sends the image of the screen to the clipboard from where you can process it further. It is because of this easy experience that many people, including newbies prefer to use it. And it gets even better than that; you get many more interesting options in the capturing process when you use this software. One of the reasons why this is among the top rated third party screenshot software is the fact that you can customize it to take shots on not only the desktop but of other windows and pages as well.

The only problem that people who use this software worry about is the reliance on the keyboard. In this case, the print key is always the hotkey and if you do not know how to utilize it well, chances are that you will end up messed up. There is likelihood that in the customization process, you will end up taking screenshots that you did not intend. However, after you get used to it and with caution, there is no doubt that you will get nice screenshots using Greenshot.

4. PrtScr

When it comes to user interface appearance, there is no doubt that PrtScr leads. This is a perfect replacement for the windows snipping tool and has gained popularity, especially among post makers who want something that is quite different from what is already common. Its graphics will make you want to use it all the time. There is basic functionality to ensure that even a person who is trying to use it for the first time gets the best experience. To add to that, the cleaner interface has some extras that allow you to add more complicated effects to your screenshots as you learn more. Just like many of the other third party screenshot software, you can invoke it using the print key.

Once you have captured the image, it just hovers to your desktop easily. You should see how it works in order to understand. It is, however, important to point out that according to many webmasters who have used this software, it can sometimes be too basic, especially when you want to work on complex projects. You might want to upgrade to another version if your needs seem to be overwhelming.

5. QuickScreenShots

If you are a blog owner who wants screenshots that can visualize the textual information with regard to each post, this is the perfect software for you. This free portable software for Windows is used to take shots on the system. The application interface comes with buttons that you can click to trigger the screenshots. You also have the option to use the global hotkeys for the same function. The fact that the shots are shown in the program interface makes it easy to locate them and use them in your posts. What’s more, you can add a total of three screenshots at the same time making this one of the most effective software that you will, ever come across.

As evident from the above third part screenshot software, each product comes with unique features. You should choose yours based on the specific kinds of shots that you want to make. You also might want to try several options to be sure about the one that best works for you.

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