How to Choose a WordPress Theme


How to Choose a WordPress Theme

Selecting the right WordPress theme for your blog is an important decision that impacts the future of your site. A good theme makes a solid impression to the readers. It also helps the website in ranking well on search engines as the blog theme contributes to on-page SEO of your website. The process of selecting a WordPress theme may seem overwhelming because there are thousands of options to choose from.Here are some of the important considerations that need to be made when selecting a WordPress theme for your blog.

Look for a Theme that has your Desired Features

It is important to select a WordPress theme that offers most of the features you seek. While the design can be customized at a later point, it is not always the best option for most users. Note down the features that are most important for your blog, and then look for themes that meet the criteria. In this way, you will not have to spend more money on tweaking the design at a later point.


Website navigation is one of the most important features of your website. Depending on your site, you may require simple navigation with limited options or more advanced navigation. Adding navigation to the website at a later point may require complex PHP skills, so it will be worth the effort to pick a theme that offers the kind of navigation you need.

Select a Theme that Relates to Your Niche

Look for a theme that relates to your industry, niche or business. For instance, if you own a blog on technology, a theme related to politics will not be appropriate. If you are on a low budget, you can choose a generic theme that applies to just about any industry and then personalize it by adding your logo and other details.

Ensure Simplicity

Some theme offer complex features that may not be required especially for someone new to WordPress. While complex themes may be more appealing to the eye, they are not as functional. To ensure optimal functionality of a complex theme, you should consider getting a custom theme. If your budget doesn’t support this option, then it is recommended to look for a simple design that is compatible with a variety of browsers.

Select a Theme that is Compatible with Different Browsers

You must ensure that the theme you select is compatible with the major Internet browsers, such as Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer. If you’re not careful about this, it may lead to poor user experience for those who access the blog via a particular web browser that is not supported by the theme.

Site Width, Layout and Spacing

While certain themes allow users to alter various sections of the website through the control panel, this may not be the case with the theme you choose. As such, it is important to consider these properties when selecting the right WordPress theme for your blog.