1st Ever Domain Name Conference! Part 1


So what was the first domain conference?

Some think that Deanfest in October 2002 was the first domain conference. It was the first time many of us actually met face to face and those of us who were lucky enough to attend still think of it as a  life changing event. We had all “known” each, corresponded via forums, both public and private, and had done business with each other. Very few of us had ever actually met another domainer.

One domainer and very good friend of mine, just wasn’t satisfied with this. Marcia Lynn Walker. So she set out on her own journey around the USA to meet some of her online friends. Here is a little bit of her story just copied in her own words except where noted with (DM).. Notice the use of handles back then..never do that again! Brand yourself! You’re going to love these old pics!

Before 2000
I interact with colleagues, mainstream sponsors, and non-local advertisers only via the Internet and phone.

2000 – 2001
Met privately with a few of (Ricks) board members for the first time. (Chas and mustang – DM)

January 2002 – Las Vegas
Meeting of (Ricks) board members marcia lynn, GK, Howard, Joe Alagna, Lou, DC Cowboy, Keev, and mustang, in an informal get-together at a coffee shop in the Venetian. Howard slipped and fell… not once but twice! I felt so bad for him. Serge didn’t make the meeting but I did get a hug out of him the day before. The Vegas Get-Together was when I made the definite decision that a digital camera was a PRIORTY !


Chris, Marcia and NatMarch 2002 – Northern California
Meeting of (Ricks) board members Wineguy, Nat, and marcia lynn
Chris Campbell (Wine Guy)

Marcia Lynn Walker

Nat Collicott


BocaFest (Small)


July 2002 – BocaFest
Meeting of (Ricks) board members Rick, Howard, DaveAFX, Steven, and Shep (I believe in Rick’s home? – DM)
We were on the way down there in an M5, and got a flat tire. Apparently, there is no such thing as getting a spare tire for that particular car the same day, so I missed BocaFest, and swore NEVER to own a car where I couldn’t get a spare tire right away! (Excuse the quality of the photo, it’s the only one I could find – DM)

fest2August 17-18, 2002 – Northwest DomainFest
Meeting of (Ricks) board members Josephns, Steve, and Bucko !






fest6So was this what I’m calling the “first conference”? No, Just the first documented pics of domainers together, live and and in person. At least the first I ever saw.

So How about Deanfest? – you ask. Was Deanfest the first domain conference? Well, let’s talk about Deanfest!

Tomorrow 🙂
1st Ever Domain Name Conference! Part 1
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  2. This is great history!

    Also, FYI I think that very last photo is broken because there is a crack in it.


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