1st Ever Domain Name Conference! Part 2


dean shannonDeanfest..if you attended, you’ll never forget it. If you didn’t, you’ll never stop hearing about it! It wasn’t a conference though. It was a gathering held at  the Beverly Wilshire and sponsored by Dean Shannon (left) of Dark Blue Sea. It was the unveiling of their new product – Fabulous.com I don’t think it was dubbed Deanfest til after the gathering though. Most of the attendees were members of Ricks old private forum and though we had spent our days together in Ricks “virtual” living room, most had never met. We all returned so pumped up that all of (Ricks) board members together crowd sourced the first TRAFFIC. Cash, skills, brains, resources..they were all dumped into a pot and out came TRAFFIC. All because we wanted so badly to reproduce the magic of Deanfest!  So now you that Deanfest wasn’t a conference. You know that Ricks board members collectively built the first TRAFFIC. So was TRAFFIC the first domain conference. No! We’ll get to that, but first enjoy some pics from Deanfest. How many of them can you name? Again Courtesy of Marcia Lynn Walker df792 Roy and Scott s2Bucko, Howard, Franky and Steven

Candy Rotering df4 Dinky Eggbilly (David Carter) and Jan GK Howard and rick

Joe Alagna Mike F and Sahar Mo and Jo oz Richard Lau Sandy and Darren

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