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Domainer's Choice Awards

Domainer’s Choice Awards Uses 3rd Party Voting Service


Domainer’s Choice Awards nominations are opening soon! Since the first awards in 2008 we have received dozens of requests to bring the Awards back. And we listened. We listened to what you liked about the Awards. We listened to what you wanted to see in the Awards. We listened to your comments about the strengths and weaknesses in the various other awards in the industry. We listened and we built the new Domainer’s Choice Awards !

We are giving it our best effort to keep these Awards transparent and honest. You will be required to register on the site to place your write in nominations. This gives us a small layer of safety from cheaters but the real need for this is that we are using a third party voting service for the final vote. They REQUIRE a voting list and the email addresses from your registration become that voting list. The company we have chosen is

Two disclaimers on the Domainer’s Choice Awards website:

Social Media Manners

Social Media Networking – It’s a Two Way Street!


Social Media Networking – Not just one phrase but three steps of a process:


I spend a fair amount of time on social media sites every day. It might surprise you, but I’m not there because I wondered what your sunset was like last night. Nor do I really have that much interest in what you had for lunch. That glass of wine you thought we all wanted a look at, not so special either. While all of this is fun to see, it’s always cool to peek into somebodies life, it’s not why I spend a chunk of my valuable time there! Animal and baby pics and videos I do love but that’s  not my reason for being there either. I’ll take the split second to like or share them though if I think there’s some humor, cuteness, beauty etc.

Domain Brokers

To Hire a Domain Broker or Not?


Seems like everyone is a broker these days. I wonder how they qualify themselves as “brokers”? Is it a calling like nursing, religion and teaching? Maybe it’s a revelation type of thing .. you wake up one morning and just know you were meant to be a broker? Whatever it is there are something you should know about hiring a broker.

If you are hiring a domain broker he/she is your employee. Make your expectations and requirements perfectly clear in a contract. Some of what I expect from a broker of my domains:

Keyboard Bravado: Forum and Blog Trolls and Bullies


It’s easy to talk a big game when you are sitting at your computer and no one can see you. This is the general psychology that facilitates the existence of what we have come to know as the “Internet Troll.” You’ll see these people show up on message boards, forums, blog comment and YouTube channels. They enjoy baiting people into arguments with negative rhetoric and sometimes even threats in an effort to gain attention online and steer conversations into a direction in which they are the stars of the discussion.

Are you an Internet Troll? Do you know any? Here are four surefire signs that you are dealing with an Internet Troll. These are the easiest ways to identify these disruptors of our interactive internet experience.

BitCoin Mining


You have most likely heard Bitcoin mentioned on TV or the Internet over the past few months. So what exactly are bitcoins and why have they suddenly become so popular? Bitcoins are not based on any commodity currently used in the real world. They are not technically cash. They are virtual tokens that you are able to trade for services and goods from online trading houses, contractors and select retailers. Bitcoins are exchanged from one person to another, instead of going through a financial institution. ‘Mining’ is the term that is being used for the art of securing them. So how can you become part of the bitcoin rush?

Dot Blind?

Are We Becoming Dot Blind?


It seems that maybe just a little tiny bit our opinions of all the new dotwhatevers might be changing. Or maybe our “views” are!

We all know what banner blindness is. We don’t see them any more. I don’t remember what ad was on the last banner I saw although I bet I saw dozens of them today.

Listening to domainers discuss the new extensions now, it seems some are getting “dot blindness.”

What Are BitCoins


In 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto wrote a paper on the implementation of the idea of crypto-currently. Nakamoto is assumed to be a pseudonym, and he abandoned the project within a year after its inception. His paper, however, materialized into the Bitcoin system. But what are bitcoins? They are a form of digital or cryptographic currency, are not regulated or centralized, and provide anonymity to users. The virtual currency can be exchanged for goods, services, or traditional currency. This can prove to have disadvantages as well as advantages. While this economy offers users more control and freedom, it is still a work in progress with significant fluctuations in value.
What are bitcoins?
While Bitcoin represents a virtual economy, bitcoins are the currency used within that economy. A process, called mining, creates them. A computer running specialized software and hardware solves an extremely complex mathematical problem. The network then generates a 64-digit string of numbers that in turn releases more currency into the pool. Each year, the number of virtual coins released decreases by half and will eventually cap at 21 million. About 11 million are currently in circulation. In addition to increasing the currency pool, miners also process transactions, synchronize, and secure the network.

History of Bitcoins

BitCoins: The History


BitCoins. I’m so confused by them so I had a short series of articles written to help me understand them. I hope they help you too!. Here is the first:

A History of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a form of currency that has no central authorities for creation and management, but instead relies on cryptography and a decentralized market to control trade and inflation.

Prior to Bitcoin there were several precursor technologies that relied on electronic money. This led to several independently developed proposals, such as Wei Dai’s b-money and Nick Szabo’s bit-gold.

Soon mechanisms were developed to control inflation, as well as enable the ability to decentralize control over the market.

In 2008 a paper, Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System, was posted on the internet. It detailed the basic method for using a peer-to-peer network to create an electronic marketplace that didn’t rely on a trust or other business entity.             

eMail Bloopers

E-Mail Bloopers


When sending email, I have learned through the years to check, double check and triple check everything in or about my email before clicking that send button!

This blooper happened in my first years as a domainer I was the “sender”.

I had received a request for info on one of my domain names that was for sale. I was so excited that I wrote to a good friend and domaining colleague and outlined how had researched the buyer and was going to get the best price possible.  I didn’t word it that politely. I think there were terms like “bleed”, “deep pockets” all the usual domainer trash talking. As soon as I hit “send” I realized I had sent it to the potential buyer instead of to my friend. Oooops! No Sale!!

My Facebook Movie – Thank You Facebook!


Yesterday was Facebook’s 10th Birthday and we all got a gift. We got a video highlighting our time since we started on Facebook. Of course, I had seen all of this before but put together like this with music put it all in a different perspective! I don’t think I would have personally chosen anything different to include!

I’m addicted to watching ALL of them so be sure to view and share yours!

Here’s mine and just maybe you’ll find yourself in it!

Thanks Mark ~ Much Appreciated