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Domain Investor vs Cybersquatter


When the 2012 election came around an interesting story came out about a young man named Peter Crowley. Following the 2008 election, Mr. Crowley purchased domain names of those he felt could make up the next Republican ticket. Among them were It wasa combination of brilliance, foresight, and a bit of cash. Now it was time to get paid. After all, these politicians pay so much money for ads, travel, and wardrobes that surely they’d cough up at least several thousand dollars for the website domain of the ticket, right? It didn’t  go that way, but that’s the risk with any investment.Unfortunately, some felt that Mr. Crowley was a cyber squatter, which would have been unethical, trying to take advantage of someone’s brand for his own gain, as opposed to a domain investor, who takes risks by investing in unowned – and potentially worthless – domain names.The key is to know the difference so that you do not fall into the trap of being a squatter, a legal area that is now in the grey area, but an ethical issue that is easy to define.