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According to many sources, listicles are here to stay. Wikipedia says that a listicle is a form of blogging and journalism. It’s classified as a short-form writing style and uses a list as its core thematic structure. A standard list article is much smaller, so if a list article is to be passed off as a listicle, it must be fleshed out.

It’s like throwing a standard article and list into a pot and mixing them together. Subheadings within the listicle describe each number in the listicle and help to deliver the article’s message. Most listicles are used to deliver features and news. Internet users find them easy to read because listicles have quick statements and short phrases.

In one second, the short phrases and sections make the reader feel like they don’t have to commit to a huge article. Listicles are frequently shared across social networks and news websites. It’s very common for listicles to be created with accompanying images.

How to Write a Listicle

Many publishers wish to master the art of writing listicles because they would like to connect with their readers on a deeper level. At a glance, a listicle might seem very easy to write, but in reality, much more is going on behind the scenes.

To write an excellent list article, it’s best to title the article with an odd number. According to several studies, listicles that have an odd number in the headline perform much better than listicles titled with an even number. It’s also a great idea to end the article with an odd number.

To produce an optimal listicle, consider using a prime number. Unfortunately, no studies say the mind prefers prime numbers, but marketers love to use them, and prime numbers have even been linked to the Illuminati. It’s no secret that mathematicians also love prime numbers. The major benefit of using prime numbers revolves around wordplay.

Alliteration has been shown to help the human brain retain information, which means you can use prime numbers to make your listicle headlines much more memorable. If you really want to take your listicle publishing to the next level, consider creating mega lists. If you’re not sure how big a listicle should be, you can’t go wrong with mega lists.

In other words, make the listicle as big as resources will allow. However, it’s best to use mega listicles in moderation because publishing such massive lists on a regular basis can wear an audience down. Another way to take your listicle to the next level is to add lists within your listicle. By choosing to do this, it makes it easier to make the article much more succinct and complete.

Some of the best ways to do this involve using words like other choices, more free options or tools like this. A listicle wouldn’t be the incredible type of content that it’s known for if it didn’t have numbered items. It is best practice to number the heading of each item in the list. It gives readers the ability to skim the article and get the gist of the content.

To create the ultimate listicle, there are some other important tips to remember. Every content publisher should understand that most Internet users scan computer screens, which means they don’t like to sit down and read everything. In fact, studies show that the average attention span of a typical Internet user continues to shrink, so it’s important to get to the point.

When writing a listicle, it’s best to keep it short. Keep the majority of the listicles 600 words or less and sprinkle in a few mega lists. Successful listicles are visual because humans are visual. Graphics work very well, but videos can be just as entertaining. If used correctly, even info graphics can work very well. Another tip is to keep the listicle confined to a single theme. Multiple ideas can be shared with multiple listicles.

Everyone Is Writing Listicles

While surfing the web, it won’t be long before you come across a listicle. Virtually everyone is using this type of content because it has been proven to attract and entertain readers. Unlike many other types of content, listicles actually stand out from the crowd.

They’re made for busy people, and since everyone is busy, they perform exceptionally well. A listicle also makes it easier to write an irresistible headline, which is what helps your articles stand out from the millions of articles already published to the Internet.

Studies show that humans have a special connection with numbers, and we’re easily swayed by them. It’s almost like they have some sort of magical power over us. Numbers are frequently used to add weight to arguments, so they’re viewed as having authority.

Another advantage for publishers is that listicles are just as easy to write as they are to read. They also make it easier to write a captivating headline. Since they practically brainwash users into clicking, they offer an incredible click-through rate, which is one of the reasons why they perform so well.

When to Write a Listicle

The best time to write a listicle is when you want to captivate and entertain your audience. It’s the perfect type of content to use for delivering short facts. One of the best times to use a listicle is when you want to share a long list of funny images or make a point.

While they’re frequently used strictly for entertainment purposes, listicles are also great for drawing attention to a serious subject. When you have an idea that you want to share with the world, it should only take a few seconds for you to know deep down if a listicle would be an appropriate way to share the information.

If you want to create a piece of content that you want to be shared on social media, it’s pretty hard to fail with a well-placed listicle. Despite the long list of critics, listicles are here to stay, and you should start taking advantage of this captivating form of content as soon as possible.