Are We Becoming Dot Blind?

Dot Blind?

It seems that maybe just a little tiny bit our opinions of all the new dotwhatevers might be changing. Or maybe our “views” are!

We all know what banner blindness is. We don’t see them any more. I don’t remember what ad was on the last banner I saw although I bet I saw dozens of them today.

Listening to domainers discuss the new extensions now, it seems some are getting “dot blindness.”

Where I once heard “exercise dot bike sounds silly! Now I hear “it would have been nice to grab exercise bike.” Hmmmm, where’s that dot you hated two weeks ago? You know..the one you had to emphasize when you said exercise DOT bike..yeah..that one! Just one little notch on the gauge, but it seems acceptance is creeping up.

Will this be how it goes out in the real world?  Maybe! I’m not interested in any of them, but my mind is still open and my vote is still out as to whether they will succeed or not. I have enjoyed watching some of my friends join the chase and I’m happy they are sharing the experience! Go Team!

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