Breaking: DomainAgents Professional Launched!

DomainAgents Professional launched today and I think it’s just what we’ve all been looking for!

The core of the product release is the revenue share and lead ownership. The general concept being; if you’re sending your own traffic you should generate revenue from it. In the case of DomainAgents, the revenue is generated by earning a premium on top your sales, or earning commission on purchases your referred leads make.

Some quick highlights.

  • On all negotiated sales, the domain buyer pays the commission of 10% and escrow costs.
  • Domain owners have control over what their traffic is required to pay in order to make an offer. The range is from $9.95 – $49.95 and this is shared with the domain owner through a revenue share. To qualify for a revenue share, the domain owner has to counter or accept the offer.
  • Owners may select minimum offers at domain or portfolio level. Offers below the minimum will be automatically declined with a note advising what the minimum offer considered will be.
  • If domain owner sends a buyer for their own domain name using a custom link on parking page, or reply to email etc. The 10% commission is shared with the domain owner. The scale is 5% – 8% of the final sale based on monthly sales volume.
  • If the domain owner sends a buyer who purchases someone else’s domain, or who purchases a second domain in addition to theirs etc, they receive a CPA for the credit purchase, plus 2.5% – 5% of the final sale, again based on volume.
  • DomainAgents links work with all parking companies that allow you to edit your for sale link, it is compatible with domain redirects, and does exceptionally well when replying to email inquires.
  • The fixed price product costs the seller 2.5% commission (Min. $10) escrow costs are split between buyer & seller. Fixed price sales are only available on owner sourced traffic.
  • When an offer arrives from another domainer’s traffic, or a partner like Namecheap; when opted in, the fixed price selected by the seller doubles as an automated initial counter offer.For example, if you have priced a domain name at $10,000 and an offer arrives in the amount of $1,000, we will automatically counter $10,000 on your behalf.There are controls connected to this, so if an offer arrives that is within a specified % of your fixed price, we do not counter. you are able to self direct the negotiation.

I think DomainAgents is an incredible product that respects domain owners and solves a real and significant market need.

For anyone who is interested in taking a look there are 2 steps:

1. Register with DomainAgents:

2. Click the “Pro Section” link in the menu, then submit the request access form at the bottom of the page.

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