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Domainer’s Choice Awards 2015



Domainer’s Choice Awards 2015 are here!

At The Domainer’s Choice Awards we believe awards matters.  Why? the Domainer’s Choice Awards, publicly acknowledges the hard work of an individual or team and in return boosts morale.  We also believe the awards are a great way to share best practices and knowledge in the industry.  We take great pride in our program and conduct the awards with the utmost in trust and integrity by utilizing a third party to conduct the final voting after the nominations have been submitted.

We have clearly defined the award categories so you know exactly what qualifications are needed in a nominee. For your edification the nomination categories are located here:  Please familiarize yourself with the categories you may formulate your best nominee.  Please keep in mind,  You will only be able to log in to the ballot once so be sure you set aside a small amount of time to complete the nomination phase.

We have given a generous two week nomination period to be sure everyone has a chance to participate! At the end of the two weeks we’ll tabulate the votes and determine the Top Three Candidates in each category.  Once that is completed, the information will be turned over to is a well established and respected third party election company not related to our industry. Your email address is required by to participate in the final voting phase. If you do not vote in the nomination phase, you will not be able to vote in the finals.

To keep the Voting completely transparent, Donna Mahony,,, or will NOT be eligible for nominations.

The Domainer’s Choice Awards website developer,  Charlotte Gilbert –, plus all of her web properties, will be out of the race completely.

We like awards too, but trust and integrity come first! Please don’t waste your vote but writing in “any of the above” as a nominee.  By doing so, your nomination will not be counted.

We appreciate your participation and Good Luck to everyone!

Kudos to


I have been really annoyed by referrer spam messing up my stats and did a post  explaining how to keep it off of your sites but parking stats still remained a problem.  I expressed this to and I guess I wasn’t the only one! I was excited to log in to and see this notice: Announces MarketPlace


As a current client of, I got this email last week and I’m really excited about this one! This looks to be just what we need in our industry. The DomainAgents Team provide decades of experience between them with a stellar reputation of honesty and integrity.  Here is the email with all the details!

We’re writing you today because you have registered domain names with DomainAgents.

As you may have seen from our recent newsletters, DomainAgents has released a major update in the past weeks. The last piece is due to be released this coming Monday, June 1st.

The final exciting stage of the release is a domain name Marketplace. The domain names you have uploaded to DomainAgents will be included automatically in the Marketplace unless you click the link below to opt out.

We will be sending a detailed email detailing the full launch this coming Monday, but as a quick preview specific to the Marketplace:

All ‘Make An Offer’ negotiations through the Marketplace will require the buyer to pay $29.95 to make the initial offer, the buyer will also assume all fees as per normal. You will also still be paid $10 just for engaging in negotiation.

Angela St. Julien – Taking Domaining by Storm!


Angela St. JulienYou don’t know Angela, you say. Get used to seeing that big smile because you will know her!

I admit that after more than 15 years in this business, I’ve become jaded and cynical and sometimes a little bit bored. Then along came Angela St. Julien! It’s been a very long time since I’ve met a new comer to the industry with her drive, dedication and devotion.

I “met” Angela when one of her posts showed up on my Facebook feed. This was the first post I ever saw from her:

Webfair Virtual – Produced by Michael Marcovici of


Webfair Virtual  –  Produced by Michael Marcovici of

Now that’s right up my alley! I don’t like to travel and I don’t like crowds and it’s a rare event if I attend any industry conferences. I love the concept!

Some things are still unclear to me. Is a sponsor the same as a partner?  Are they the same as exhibitors? Is the list of attendees actually a list of speakers? Will there be speakers? I see some well known names on the partner page and lots of new people I’d love to meet!

Domainer’s Choice Awards – And the Winner Is…


No, we aren’t announcing it here! But, the time is getting close for the The Domainer’s Choice Awards ( See for more details) and the Domainer’s Choice Scholarship Fund! The Scholarship Fund is a non profit charity 501(c)3 which was formed to provide assistance in education to families of the domaining community. Please help support this endeavor which is the first of it’s kind designed to assist our own!

Details of the event are:

Dana Point Yacht Club
24399 Dana Dr, Dana Point, CA 92629
Dinner and Ceremony
Dress: Business Casual
7pm – 11pm PST

The Domainer’s Choice Awards serve a very important  role on their own. Honoring and recognizing a company’s hard work, dedication and superb services shows your recognition of their efforts and inspires others to work harder.  The voting has ended and the nominees are listed here.

Thank you for all your support in the many, many nominations and voting. We had a 75% registered voter turn out! Give yourselves a little pat on the back for caring to choose the very best your industry has to offer! For the first time EVER the votes were handled by an independent 3rd party voting system. Thank you to for providing a terrific 3rd party platform for totally secure and confident voting.

Be sure to buy your ticket to the Domainer’s Choice Awards Dinner Event to be there when your company, your friends, your coworkers or YOU receive your award.  Get your ticket Now! Seating is limited! Your ticket is tax deductible.

Other ways you can help support the Domainer’s Choice Scholarship are: (all tax deductible)

Domainer's Choice Scholarship Fund

Congratulations! Your Non-Profit has been officially approved by the state of Arizona.


Those are some big words to me. Wherever you go in life you leave your footprint. The domain industry has been such a powerful and positive part of my life that I always hoped I was leaving a trail of powerful and positive footprints behind me.

Many, many of you have been on this exciting journey through domaining with me since 1999. It’s been a long winding and hilly road from Great Domains chat to arrive at the Domainer’s Choice Awards  But that’s not the end of the trail. It’s the beginning! I’ve whispered my dream but hardly dared to speak it aloud. Here it is now officially!!

Domainer's Choice Awards

Domainer’s Choice Awards Uses 3rd Party Voting Service


Domainer’s Choice Awards nominations are opening soon! Since the first awards in 2008 we have received dozens of requests to bring the Awards back. And we listened. We listened to what you liked about the Awards. We listened to what you wanted to see in the Awards. We listened to your comments about the strengths and weaknesses in the various other awards in the industry. We listened and we built the new Domainer’s Choice Awards !

We are giving it our best effort to keep these Awards transparent and honest. You will be required to register on the site to place your write in nominations. This gives us a small layer of safety from cheaters but the real need for this is that we are using a third party voting service for the final vote. They REQUIRE a voting list and the email addresses from your registration become that voting list. The company we have chosen is

Two disclaimers on the Domainer’s Choice Awards website:

My Facebook Movie – Thank You Facebook!


Yesterday was Facebook’s 10th Birthday and we all got a gift. We got a video highlighting our time since we started on Facebook. Of course, I had seen all of this before but put together like this with music put it all in a different perspective! I don’t think I would have personally chosen anything different to include!

I’m addicted to watching ALL of them so be sure to view and share yours!

Here’s mine and just maybe you’ll find yourself in it!

Thanks Mark ~ Much Appreciated

Breaking: DomainAgents Professional Launched!


DomainAgents Professional launched today and I think it’s just what we’ve all been looking for!

The core of the product release is the revenue share and lead ownership. The general concept being; if you’re sending your own traffic you should generate revenue from it. In the case of DomainAgents, the revenue is generated by earning a premium on top your sales, or earning commission on purchases your referred leads make.