Designing a Logo


Designing a Logo

Producing a logo that appropriately represents your service or product is a
key point when starting up a business. Let’s be honest, appearance is
everything and people judge books by their cover. Needless to say, people judge
businesses by their trade name and design.

Safeguard your business image and present it in the best light.


Jumbled and cluttered logo design in an attempt to present anything and
everything about your business is awkward and amateur. Keep It Simple. The best
advice experts give is – simplicity. Unfortunately, this rule is ignored or
unknown by many new businesses.

Pay attention to visual clues from industry giants. Simple, clearly-cut
designed logos are easier to carry-on across an open assortment of uses; trade
cards, uniforms, signage, websites, billing invoices and packaging all carry
your logo. Simplifying the logo looks professional.


Iconic, logotype or badge/crest are three major design techniques of logos. With
each having strong points as well as drawbacks, be certain to select the style
that maintains your business goals.


Color is one of the few things that can induce an emotional response. Color
selection is a key component for how your business is observed.

Corporate colors should mirror the image you desire to portray? Would you
like you business to be considered friendly? Think yellows and oranges or blues
and greys for responsible and trustworthy. Using black and red colors will depict
your business as edgy and powerful. Green colors as well as purple speak imagination
and creativity.


Occasionally a font option can be fairly obvious; a building firm won’t be viewed
well if the font appears to be created by a calligraphy fanatic. Similarly, wedding
planners almost certainly will not opt for a bold or a boxy font. Be cautious when
mixing font styles with your logo design. Make sure that the font is
appropriate for the type of business industry you wish to portray.


The use of a font style and letter-form to create you logo is called a
Logotype. Microsoft, Coca-cola, Oracle, eBay, Apple and Dell are brands using
the Logotype. While this style is flexible and simple to use in several
applications, it may not always be obvious representation of the nature of your
business and what it’s is about.


A popular style, the Iconic combines the font style with a representative character
or symbol. Iconic logos like Apple, Mike, NBC and At&t use this method of
logo design. The symbol can represent the business, but can also take a long
time to market before recognition of the icon is made in conjunction with your
service or products.

Badge / Crest

An enclosure or container is the trademark in the Badge or Crest logo style.
Made popular by universities as well as the auto industry, the format of this
logo style may not always fit your business style or representation. Business such
as UPS, Orkin and BMW represent the badge or crest logo styling.

Following these easy guidelines and the principles within appropriately, you
can generate an effective brand name identity and provide a chance for your
business to succeed.

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