Domain Archaeology – Memoirs of a Domainer


Domain Archaeology – That’s how I like to refer to it when old timers in the industry get together with new(er) people in the industry and talk about the early days of domaining. Bob Olea actually coined the phrase since many of our chats involve me telling all these stories. He said our talks were like a course in Domain here I am today, sharing some of the history from my point of view! 

I’ve been a full time domain investor myself since 1999 and I have been fortunate to have been there for much of it myself, though by no means all of it. Those of you who don’t know me can see a little of my history on DNJournal .Women Wanted: Our Role Models Rock But the Business Needs More Recruits The story is a great read and also includes interviews by Marcia Lynn Walker and Michelle Miller. We are all still active in the industry!

Marcia Lynn has been extremely generous in sharing her huge archive of photos and you won’t want to miss them sprinkled throughout the articles. Maybe you’ll find yourself in a few.

Some of what I’ll cover in this series will be anecdotal (names may be changed to protect the innocent 🙂 ) and some just history.

I won’t be posting in chronological order because that’s just not fun. My next post will talk about the first domain conference. If you thought it was TRAFFIC or even Deanfest (Pics of Deanfest October 2002) you’d be wrong!

DeanFest-2 Deanfest2002-1

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