Domainer’s Choice Awards 2015



Domainer’s Choice Awards 2015 are here!

At The Domainer’s Choice Awards we believe awards matters.  Why? the Domainer’s Choice Awards, publicly acknowledges the hard work of an individual or team and in return boosts morale.  We also believe the awards are a great way to share best practices and knowledge in the industry.  We take great pride in our program and conduct the awards with the utmost in trust and integrity by utilizing a third party to conduct the final voting after the nominations have been submitted.

We have clearly defined the award categories so you know exactly what qualifications are needed in a nominee. For your edification the nomination categories are located here:  Please familiarize yourself with the categories you may formulate your best nominee.  Please keep in mind,  You will only be able to log in to the ballot once so be sure you set aside a small amount of time to complete the nomination phase.

We have given a generous two week nomination period to be sure everyone has a chance to participate! At the end of the two weeks we’ll tabulate the votes and determine the Top Three Candidates in each category.  Once that is completed, the information will be turned over to is a well established and respected third party election company not related to our industry. Your email address is required by to participate in the final voting phase. If you do not vote in the nomination phase, you will not be able to vote in the finals.

To keep the Voting completely transparent, Donna Mahony,,, or will NOT be eligible for nominations.

The Domainer’s Choice Awards website developer,  Charlotte Gilbert –, plus all of her web properties, will be out of the race completely.

We like awards too, but trust and integrity come first! Please don’t waste your vote but writing in “any of the above” as a nominee.  By doing so, your nomination will not be counted.

We appreciate your participation and Good Luck to everyone!

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