How to Protect Your Domain



Protecting your domain requires some ingenuity and an investment. Without protection, there could be permanent loss of the domain or someone could take your entire site from you. Most people are unaware of these risks, but it’s important to create an awareness to avoid people being blindsided by a security breach. Here are some issues that you may need to be aware of if you need to protect your domain.

1. Domain Expiration

If the domain name is not renewed before the expiration, it can be claimed by a domain speculator. If renewal forms are not sent out in time or there is out of date contact information, there may be a chance of someone else assuming your domain name. Most registrars will not send out renewal notices via standard mail. Be sure to have your email up-to-date to receive renewal notices. Porn site hosts are the most common culprits that will assume your domain name for their business gain.

2. Domain Hijacking or Theft

The domain can be stolen by submitting a fraudulent transfer request or by convincing an unsuspecting domain owner into relinquishing control of their domain name. With control of the domain, users can redirect the domain to their web sites. Most often they use it to direct to porn sites to get additional profit. To prevent legal recourse, most domain hijackers will transfer the domains to websites in other countries.

3. Inaccurate Information

If you don’t keep your contact information up to date, you can lose your domain name if your registrar contacts you and you don’t respond. In general, you have 15 days to respond before action is taken. This rule is not enforced often, but when it happens, it can be a huge inconvenience for a company. Most registrars will only contact their customers on a yearly basis to verify domain information. Be aware to prevent your domains from being deleted or sold.

4. Keep Track of Expiration Dates

You should always keep track of expiration dates. This will prevent your domain name from being deleted in the system. Try using a domain portfolio management system to keep track of all domain names. This will help you make changes to all of your domain names at one time. Some registrars even offer free options to track dates and auto renewal options. Learn as much as possible before engaging in domain consolidation.

Simple Ways to Protect Your Domain

These are the simple ways to protect your domain. Try a couple and determine how it can work in your favor. Don’t lose your domain name to porn promoters.


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